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Transportation Solutions


Keeping transportation operations safe and on-time comes down to having the right technology infrastructure in place. Black Box’s comprehensive portfolio of connectivity products helps you track every issue, delay, and emergency happening in transportation environments, such as airports, railway stations, subways, bus stations, and more, in real time so operators can make instant, informed decisions to keep commuters safe and satisfied.

  • KVM systems optimize decision-making and communications in 24/7/365 environments
  • Digital signage keeps passengers informed of delays, issues, and emergencies
  • Network and infrastructure products provide a consistent connection in the harshest environments

Featured Products


iCompel Digital Signage

Keep passengers informed of travel schedules, delays and emergencies, as well as providing wayfinding and entertainment while they wait and ride throughout bus stations, airports, train stations, and more.


Emerald® 4K KVM

Access and manage an unlimited number of PCs from any location. Emerald 4K KVM is designed for 24/7/365 mission-critical activities, reducing delays and interruptions in train stations, bus stations, and airports.


Freedom Glide & Switch KM

Switch between up to 8 computer monitors using just one keyboard and mouse to increase operator efficiency. Operators can respond instantly to critical situations in subways, bus stations, train stations, and airport control rooms.

Additional Products



KVM management solution that gives you complete control of your KVM system.



Remotely manage and monitor HVAC, cameras, temperature, environment, and more with this IoT technology. No matter where you are in an airport, bus station, train station, or subway, get real-time alerts on your phone or mobile devices so you can instantly troubleshoot transportation emergencies.



When you need to connect IT equipment from one end of an airport, bus station, train station, or subway to the other end, networking extenders can do the job seamlessly.



Networking switches housed in a transportation control room keep IT equipment running smoothly throughout an airport, train station, bus station, or subway station.





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