10 Hottest IT Solutions of 2018
When it comes to your network, Black Box offers some of the best products available to help you build, manage, optimize and secure your systems. Here’s a look at the top 10 IT solutions of 2018 and how they might benefit you now and into the future.

10. NIAP 3.0-Certified KVM Peripheral Protector

The Black Box Secure KVM Peripheral Protector is the first KVM protector to receive NIAP 3.0 certification, making it the best solution currently available on the market. It’s designed to prevent data leakage between secure and unsecure systems through shared peripherals connections. The protector offers a reliable way to protect vulnerable peripherals shared by classified or secure networks and prevents threats from connections with unauthorized or untrusted peripheral devices.

9. DIN-Rail or Wall-Mountable Fiber Enclosure

Extend fiber runs in remote areas, such as manufacturing floors. This enclosure holds one LGX fiber adapter panel and is an economical choice for applications that don’t require a large enclosure. It has internal cable management and can be mounted one of five ways.

8. Fanless Digital Signage Player

iCOMPEL™ is a digital signage solution that helps you deliver dynamic content to the right location at the right time. It offers touch interactivity, HTML5 support, drag-and-drop functionality, customization and more for one to thousands of screens. Choose the fanless player for environments where noise or airborne contaminants are concerns.

7. DVI KVM Extender with Transparent USB and Audio

Get full DVI digital video without compression or conversion for pure video displays with no loss of quality. This extender uses CAT6 cable to extend your keyboard, mouse and DVI-D video up to 60 meters at full resolution.

6. 4K60 DisplayPort KVM Switch with USB and Audio

Instantly switch between two DisplayPort equipped computers with the touch of a button. This switch is DisplayPort 1.2 compatible and supports resolutions up to 4K at 60 Hz and up to 120 Hz refresh rates at 1080p. It features two USB 2.0 ports with full driver support for your keyboard, mouse or other high-speed device.

5. MediaCento 4K HDMI-over-IP Distribution

Black Box’s MediaCento offers superior video and audio distribution over IP at an attractive price. It supports full 4K UHD video and embedded digital HDMI audio from any source to any screen. It is an ideal solution for digital signage, video walls and basic KVM applications in corporate, classroom or control room settings.

4. Black Box Connect CAT6 Patch Cables

Black Box Connect CAT6 patch cables are a low-cost cabling solution for those on a budget. This basic patch cable meets or exceeds industry standards. It supports 250 MHz and is made with 26-AWG wire. It features a molded, snagless boot, flash gold contacts and a PVC jacket.

3. Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches

Industrial ethernet switches are designed for remote locations or harsh conditions, such as vibrations, extreme temperatures, moisture, dust and EMI. If you also require redundancy, flexibility and QoS, choose a managed industrial ethernet switch. This type of switch allows for prioritization of critical data and provides features like VLANs, LACP and advanced filter and multi-cast algorithms.

2. Pure Networking Media Converters

Extend your network and support multiple standards. Pure networking media converters allow you to insert fiber segments into copper networks, extend your Ethernet beyond the 100-meter limit and integrate new technology into your existing system to support future growth.

1. Emerald SE

Emerald™ Unified KVM delivers 4K or 2K video resolution over an IP network, proprietary direct connection or both. It supports physical and virtual desktops and servers in any combination and quantity. Emerald offers lossless full HD DVI video up to 1920x1200 with low IP bandwidth requirements.

In addition to a range of innovative, high-quality products for your network, Black Box also offers expert advice from our team of pre-sales application engineers. Call 1-877-877-2269 to talk to a technical expert about integrating and deploying infrastructure, networking or extension products. You can also browse the Black Box catalog to see all our products and shop for your end-to-end solution now.
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