Everything you need to know about KVM Matrix technology

The new system for KVM matrix switching is more flexible, more extendable, and more efficient than ever before. These new configurations bring better functionality and increased productivity to organizations, especially in the post-production broadcasting and professional audio-visual industries.

For example, the new technology offers and array of ports that can be dynamically allocated as input or output. This means that ports can be connected to a CPU or connected to a console, and ports can be switched according to the users’ requirements. As long as you have available ports, you can switch in any combination of inputs and outputs –it doesn’t need to be a one-to-one configuration (i.e. 160-port chassis equals 80 inputs and 80 outputs).

The technology supports numerous data streams in varied combinations through extenders: video, KVM, audio, serial, USB 2.0. Because of this updated technology, switching is instantaneous, with no delay. Competitors’ IP-based solutions can take up to 10-15 seconds to switch video streams.

KVM switching in general is an efficiency-creating solution. These new KVM matrix switching systems take this flexibility and efficiency even further, especially for A/V professionals. Instead of a patchwork of switches and cables, we’ve developed a system that comes with digital or analog audio, serial RS-232, high-speed USB 2.0, and HID tablet support. It’s also smaller and faster, freeing up space in your data center. Plus they’re cooler and quieter, eliminating excess noise and heat.

These new KVM matrix switches enable mixing copper (CATx) and fiber optic cabling for optimal performance over long distances as well. This makes collaborative editing much more efficient. These flexible matrix switches enable you to access your expensive editing hardware from remote locations, reducing travel and meeting times, and making the approval process quicker and easier. In addition to digital video extension, the new extenders offer top-quality digital audio support. Actually, the extensive range of extenders available to use with the chassis offers connections from CPUs and other video sources to monitors, projectors, video walls, and other high-quality displays.

Seamless sharing capabilities enable you to show a video across campus while working with the audio team three doors down the hallway from your office. The HD video and digital audio extension and switching capabilities are unmatched on the market today.

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