Why Black Box Wi-Fi Super Bundle?

Did you ever think that people would give out their personal information in return for free Wi-Fi?

Statistically, 74% of people are comfortable handling their name, email, and mobile numbers to retailers and receive promotional emails or text when using free internet.

Businesses can use this opportunity to target potential customers and build a direct marketing channel that hasn’t been explored yet: Wi-Fi marketing.

Wi-Fi marketing creates a win-win situation for both parties. It is unlike any other marketing channel. Here, you ask your potential customer to sign-up on your company’s page via their email or their social media accounts and in return the customer gets access to the internet, while you get information for building targeted promotional messaging.

What are the benefits of adopting guest Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi isn’t just a matter of convenience, but it also allows your business to-.

1. Gain insights into your customer buying partners

Businesses spend tons of money getting information on potential leads; however, giving free Wi-Fi can make getting leads super easy. People’s obsession with surfing the internet can be used to gain insights into their buying patterns and how you can leverage them to close more deals. You can understand how often they visit your premises and what offers to excite them the most. Along with giving free Wi-Fi, you can introduce your customers to your products that match their needs.

2. Improved privacy and security

By separating a guest Wi-Fi from the organization’s Wi-Fi network, you can prevent your own network from getting corrupted by unknown sources. This will let you have control over your servers and storage appliances. So, even if a virus-corrupted device connects with your Wi-Fi, you don’t have to worry about your company’s data being compromised.

3. Make your customer’s comeback

Statistically, 60% of millennials say free Wi-Fi is the top hotel perk they enjoy the most. So the next time they would want to book a suite, it would most probably be Wi-Fi enabled hotels. Companies that understand the priority that customers place over convenience retain many customers.

Make the best out of your Hotspot Wi-Fi network with Black Box

Wi-Fi is not simply a service that you render out to your customers. It is a means to build long-term trustworthy relationships with your customers. In fact, 96% of customers would trust a business that offers free Wi-Fi over other businesses.

Additionally, businesses get a chance to tap on customers that they have never thought even existed.

You must be wondering how to avail such a service.

We at Black Box help you leverage your existing network with a 100% cloud-based guest Wi-Fi solution agnostic to your existing infrastructure. We serve the needs of multiple industries: Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Corporate and many more that show the diversity of portfolios that we manage.

Our set up-friendly guest Wi-Fi solution can be easily managed by organizations, with an advanced ability to store authentications and access logs in real-time for 1 year. Our user-centric solution allows customers to access their guest Wi-Fi easily from room number/brand Mobile App/ Card number/Mobile (SMS) or social media platforms.

Our integrated system allows you to engage your customers with unique communication tools such as real-time sharing of dynamic content and information like exclusive offers, events, news, schedule changes, ads, etc.

What are the key benefits of using Black Box Guest Wi-Fi service?

  • A cloud-based solution that makes Wi-Fi management flexible from everywhere across locations
  • Monetize your user’s Wi-Fi time by running marketing campaigns based on their interest. You can track these through interaction rate, opening email rate, clicked links, etc.
  • Businesses can easily export users’ information into their customer database for future retargeting and behavioral analysis.
  • You can leverage predefined and personalized reports gathered in real-time to know more about your visitor.
  • Ensure premium Wi-Fi connectivity and control bandwidth by setting quotas based on defined profiles.

Businesses can leverage all these benefits and turn Internet connectivity into a profit center. Black Box Wi-Fi Super Bundle (powered by Cloudi-Fi and Cisco Meraki offered in the UAE) is your one-stop solution to enable guest Wi-Fi connectivity with a quick and simple setup. Empower your sales to lead generation and match your clients with suitable products with this smart technology.

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