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Sophisticated, but easy-to-use digital signage for any application.

Deliver compelling content at the right location at the right time for maximum impact with iCOMPEL™ digital signage solution. Businesses choose digital signage because no other medium makes it possible to deliver such an impact.

This award-winning solution for networked signage is packed full of features and benefits. Enjoy features like touch interactivity, HTML5 support, transitions, transparency, localized customization, streaming video, and a whole host of other advanced features.

One-time investment
All digital signage software is pre-installed and updates are free. Just pay one up-front cost. No expensive licenses are required year after year.

Works right out of the box
iCOMPEL is easy for beginners, but sophisticated for large-scale, complex applications. It's no simple media player with limited capabilities.

Bigger displays without a loss in image quality
With brilliant 4K UHD output from one to 1000s of screens, iCOMPEL ensures a great user experience.

Protected content
Distributing content on your own network allows for better security and policy controls to be in place. It also provides an additional layer of security since it's all behind firewall devices. So, if your login credentials are compromised, a hacker cannot get to the content management system to use them.


Display content from one to up to thousands of screens or more just by adding more iCOMPEL players.

Content still plays if your network goes down
Unique application-based digital signage player stores data locally ensuring that you're covered if network connection is lost.

Scheduled content updates minimizes bandwidth
Each playlist runs in a continuous loop per a preset schedule. Different layouts can be scheduled to play at different times of the day.

Suitable for many applications
Ideal for retail, hospitality, small business, corporate settings, hospitals, government buildings, or college campuses.