The simple way to create stunning and unique video walls.

videoWallController VideoPlex4 is a standalone video wall controller that accepts a standard single- or dual-link DVI input and flexibly displays it on up to four output monitors.

Freely scale and position

Create individually-shaped video wall designs with display video sources freely scaled and positioned, including rotations of 90°, 180°, and 270°.

Input resolutions up to 4K

Outputs video digitally 100% in real time—great for displaying live camera feeds or animated content.

Distortion-free display

VideoPlex4 enlarges video across several screens and compensates for gaps between displays so proportions are preserved.


Beyond four screens

Configure video walls of more than four screens by pairing multiple VideoPlex4 units with a DVI splitter.

Easy to control

Setup can be done from software loaded on a PC connected via USB.

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