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Charging Carts and Lockers for Chromebooks, iPads, Laptops, and Tablets

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Charging & Storage Solutions for All Devices

Charge, store, sync, and transport popular mobile devices—from iPad minis to 15" Chromebooks. Black Box’s line of award-winning charging carts and charging lockers include:

  • Lifetime guarantees
  • Future-proof racking
  • Easy cable management
  • Safety-first designs
  • Free, 24/7 technical support

Ideal for all types of mobile devices—now and in the future. Buy once, and use for life!

Deluxe Charging Carts

Flexible, universal charging cart with adjustable shelving ideal for changing technology.

Key Features

  • Charges18-48 devices
  • Adjustable, future-proof shelves
  • Automated power controller
  • Cable management, front and rear
  • 5" casters
  • Laminate top

Add-on options: color options, hasp locking, network management, pop-up power port, rubber-coated shelf dividers, cushioned shelf liner, and syncing

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Standard Charging Carts

Durable, secure charging carts with one-size-fits-all fixed shelving.

Key Features

  • Charges 30-36 devices
  • Fixed shelves
  • Cable management, rear
  • 3" casters

Add-on options: automated power controller, front cable management, 4" or 5" casters, and hasp locking

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Modular Charging Lockers

Stackable, configurable charging lockers. Start small and grow later.

Key Features

  • Charges10-40 devices
  • Adjustable, future-proof shelves
  • Cable management, rear

Add-on options: front cable management, 3" casters, color options, hasp locking, laminate top, and syncing

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Mass Charging Cabinets

Maximum capacity device management in the smallest footprint.

Key Features

  • Charges up to 192 devices
  • Adjustable, future-proof shelves
  • Cable management, rear

Add-on options: automated power controller, front cable management, rubber-coated shelf dividers, cushioned shelf liners, syncing, and additional customization with network switches, cables, and more

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