Lockport Cables

Secure network ports from unauthorized access and accidental disconnects.

  • Copper and fiber optic patch cables with our patented LockPORT™ technology stay locked in place—until YOU take them out.
  • Protect publicly accessible network connections.
  • Prevent avoidable network downtime.
  • Lock up empty network ports.
  • Increase Layer 1 security

Three types of locks.

  • Key Locking Pin—Removal only with approval.
  • Prevent unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Requires a removal tool.

Green Secure Locking Pin—Prevent accidental disconnects.

  • Secures cables in place. No tool required.
  • Use for industrial and manufacturing applications.
  • Port Locks—Lock up unused network ports.

Secure RJ-45 ports from unauthorized access.

  • Can only be removed with a Removal Tool.
  • Comply with PCI, HIPAA, and HITECH regulations.

Lockport Cables, Lockport Key

Red Locking Pin requires a tool for removal.

Lockport Cables, Locking Pin

Green Secure Pin is released just by squeezing the butterfly tab.

Lockport Cables, Port Locks

Port Locks can only be released with a tool.


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