Six Reasons to Switch to Digital KVM Today

It's time to migrate to digital KVM.

Analog technology can't keep up in the digital marketplace. Digital video is sharper, and digital KVM is faster. Don't get left behind in the digital revolution. Here are six reasons to migrate to digital KVM today.

  1. The VGA standard is being discontinued. The VGA standard will not be supported going into 2015
  2. Digital technology is distinctly better. Digital technology improves users' experiences by providing crystal-clear images at any supported distance.
  3. Digital systems are bigger and better. New larger matrices and IP-based KVM systems increase flexibility and enable connecting to a much higher number of endpoints.
  4. HD video switching is faster than it's ever been. Digital systems provide instantaneous HD video switching with no delay. Digital USB peripheral switching is much faster, too.
  5. Digital KVM improves the user experience. Digital KVM systems feature improved USB support and compatibility with most other USB devices on the market.
  6. Higher resolutions mean better images. Increased bandwidth gives users the capability to work with images at higher detail levels as well as fit more content on the desktop.

Production of the ServSwitch Octet is ending.

With all new computer sources and displays being digital, legacy analog KVM systems such as the ServSwitch Octet are being discontinued. The new digital systems offers multiple advantages such as support for higher resolutions, increased scalability, and faster switching. To discuss migration paths from your analog KVM system contact Black Box.