Security & Risk

A Data Security Breach Will Damage Your Business

What is your business critical data?

Learn more about how framing data security as a risk management problem leads to better results in this article.


Impact of Breaches Continues to Grow

The Reasons

While most organizations understand data protection is a crucial strategic business issue, oftentimes they:

  • Don’t know if change is needed
  • Don’t know where the gaps are
  • Don’t have metrics

They continue to approach security either:

  • On a project by project basis and/or
  • From a compliance perspective

The Reality

Data security inherently relates to financial business risk and must be treated as a function of the business itself.



Business Risk Services

Core Competence

To enable organizations to understand and weigh business risks, and make educated and cost-appropriate decisions to protect their business critical data.

Black Box provides Custom Solutions in two primary areas.

Business Risk Assessment

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Adversary Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Business Impact Analysis

Enterprise Security Architecture

(Security Program Development / Virtual CISO)

  • Maturity Assessment
  • ESA Design & Development
  • Control & Process Development
  • In or Outsourced SOC Development
  • Compliance Map
  • Education & Preparedness


Take Control of Your Security and Minimize Your Risk

Aligning Protection Strategy with Business Vision

We help organizations protect their brand and protect their business, by helping them:

  • To understand the inherent relationship between assets, systems, business process, and function
  • To define the value and location of the critical data specific to their business
  • To develop core security competencies

There's no question that what we can share will generate ideas to help you protect your business.

Critical Outcomes

  • Brand Protection
  • Furthered Innovation
  • Earlier Detection and Response
  • Business Critical Data Protection
  • Business Risk Understanding
  • Compliance

Enterprise Security Architecture