In an enterprise KVM environment, you need high performance, freedom from limitations, and something to simplify managing hundreds — or thousands — of devices. You need Boxilla, an enterprise KVM and AV/IT system manager housed in one easy-to-use platform.

Boxilla works in conjunction with the InvisaPC™ KVM solution to give you full monitoring and control of not just devices, but your entire KVM and AV/IT system, all across the enterprise. Control user access. Monitor device status. Proactively identify and address potential performance problems before they occur. Upgrade thousands of remote endpoint devices with one click, without ever leaving your seat. KVM and AV/IT management has never been easier.

Boxilla and InvisaPC can also be used to enhance your DKM system by extending it beyond private networks. When all three platforms work together, you can instantly reach any server on your network, enabling you to be more productive in your operations.

Black Box offers flexible endpoint licensing options that enable you to manage anywhere from 25 to thousands of endpoints, users or connections through Boxilla, helping you build an efficient KVM and AV/IT management system.
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Charting on key performance parameters:

  • Bandwidth
  • Frame rate
  • User changes
  • Power


Create and configure:

  • Managed domains
  • Users
  • Connections
  • Systems
  • Groups


AV system management & troubleshooting: If a user is complaining of poor video quality, you can use the information Boxilla provides to see that the problem is caused by an overloaded network switch. Better yet, you can use the information Boxilla provides about bandwidth usage and device status to identify and address potential problems before they result in user complaints.

Boxzilla Dashboard Image
Boxilla Dashboard View

Your Boxilla command center dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of your KVM network. It shows you what users and devices are active and how much bandwidth different devices are using so you can see how your KVM system is performing in real time at any given moment. Drill-down menus let you dig deeper for more in-depth analysis. Chart key performance parameters such as bandwidth, frame rate, user changes, and power.



Intuitive centralized admin and control with simple configuration and management for large-scale deployments.


Supports an unlimited number of users and devices across your AV and KVM systems, including virtual desktops and physical PC/servers, plus integration with virtualization management tools. 


Enterprise management with enhanced authentication, access control, and accounting for secure communications; security interface dashboard provides real-time alerts and alarms if someone attempts to circumvent security profiles.


Chart key performance parameters such as bandwidth, frame rate, user changes and power usage; advanced mode controls include private, shared, pre-emption, and auto log-in.


Active Connections
Boxilla Dashboard view of Active Connections
Active Logins
Boxilla Dashboard view of Active Logins

Maximizing the power of Boxxila
The initial release of Boxilla is designed to work with InvisaPC. You’ll be able to upgrade Boxilla as future releases add compatibility with other Black Box products that support control room, conference room and other AV/IT applications.


The power Boxilla unleashes in InvisaPC is only the tip of the iceberg. Because it’s a software-based solution, it’s also a future-proof solution. Forthcoming upgrades to Boxilla will enable support for other Black Box product families to ensure you always have the most up to date software for your AV system and KVM network.

InvisaPCBoxilla Support Available Now!
InvisaPC is a plug-and-play, hardware-based KVM solution that, on its own, supports access to a maximum of 32 physical and/or virtual servers for each user. Boxilla scales the InvisaPC matrix from 32 to an unlimited number of devices and adds enterprise-level KVM management and control.

DKMBoxilla Support Coming Soon!
Get direct connect, scalable and instantaneous matrix switching and extension for enterprise KVM management with up to 288 configurable ports.

FreedomBoxilla Support Coming Soon!
One user can easily access information and control operations across multiple computers and monitors, making multitasking between different systems faster and easier.

ControlBridgeBoxilla Support Coming Soon!
Connect and control everything in your conference room—AV equipment, room automation, and more—at the touch of a button or touch pad.

CoalesceBoxilla Support Coming Soon!
Enable fast, easy creation of a wireless collaboration environment with an unlimited number of users and devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Combine Boxilla with InvisaPC for a power boost that rockets you into an enterprise-class system for control rooms in these and other areas of specialization:

Departments Utilized by Boxilla

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In an enterprise KVM environment, you need high performance, freedom from limitations, and something to simplify managing hundreds—or thousands—of devices.