AV, Multimedia & Digital Signage

Intro to HDBaseT

Get an overview of HDBaseT technology, including the:

  • Benefits
  • Technology misconceptions
  • Common installation and ecosystem questions
  • Black Box HDBaseT products to get you started on your next AV project


This webinar can be especially helpful if you want to implement AV over IP and aren’t sure how to get started. You will learn about:

  • Benefits of implementing AV over IP
  • Technology selection
  • Deployment examples
Learn about the reasons to migrate from analog to digital KVM solutions:
  • The VGA standard is being discontinued
  • Digital HD video and USB compatibility
  • Video quality and resolutions
  • Multiuser access via matrix switching
 Carts & Storage
Learn about the common technology issues in e-learning 1:1 initiatives, such as student safety. And, discover what to watch out for regarding device storage and charging, wireless infrastructure, and device management.
  • Common technology issues in 1:1
  • Choosing the right storage solutions
In this webinar, you'll learn the differences between MPO and MTP® connectors; see clear illustrations of classic Type A, B, and C pinning; understand how to make Method A, B, and C connections with the proper polarity; and gain insight into how to prepare for 40-/100-GbE with 24-strand fiber.
  • Differences between MPO and MTP connectors
  • Clear illustrations of classic Type A, B, and C pinning
  • How to make Method A, B, and C connections with the proper polarity
  • How to prepare for 40-/100-GbE with 24-strand fiber
 Maximizing Efficiency in Public Safety Operations Centers 
 Public Safety Discover how 911 operations centers, police operations centers, RTCCs and EoCs are evolving and how advanced technology is playing a crucial role in public safety.
 Evolutionary KVM Trends
KVM Trends
Learn how to future-proof your control room investments and where the future of KVM and system management is going. 
KVM Technology for Broadcast & Post-Production
kvmTechnology  Learn how Enterprise KVM Solutions have become a key system component for maximizing workflow efficiencies within Broadcast and Post Production Ecosystems.

During this 26-minute on-demand webinar, we will explore:
  • High Performance KVM, the vital link that connects operations staff to technology
  • Systems Architecture
  • Application examples
This presentation covers applications for KVM technology, from desktop switching to advanced, high-performance matrix switching systems, with an emphasis on case studies that identify the best solutions for specific scenarios.
  • KVM solutions and the market forces that are shaping the need for them
  • How to select a KVM technology for a specific application
  • ROI benefits that KVM solutions can provide
Digital KVM removes barriers in siloed environments and replaces them with larger, more encompassing KVM systems that enable engineers, production personnel, and control room operators to seamlessly access and switch targets. Must-have features of digital KVM systems include:
  • Scalability—easily scale the size of your KVM system from a few users to a large enterprise
  • Fast switching in a second or less while maintaining high resolutions (1920 x 1080 or higher)
  • Support for multiple signals including HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB, serial, and audio
  • Dual-head and dual-link distribution
  • IP-based extension and switching
  • Virtual desktop extension
This presentation covers networking considerations for IP based video extension/switching and security/surveillance applications. Learn about trends in video distribution and why IP based solutions can be attractive. Topologies for point-to-point extension, point-to-multipoint switching, and video walls are explained. Other topics include how:
  • IGMP snooping protocol can reduce the load on LAN traffic
  • PoE media converters can simplify IP camera installations
  • Resilient ring topologies can reduce deployment costs and improve network availability
  • Wireless extenders can solve the challenges of remote camera installations
Safeguarding Secure Networks with Fiber Technology
 fiber to the desktop webinar image

Download the Fiber to the Desktop webinar to learn the: 

  • Benefits of fiber
  • Evolutionary architectures for every application 
  • Secrets to retrofitting existing copper networks 
  • Total cost of ownership