Black Box Deal Registration

Register your deal for price protection and larger System Integrator discounts.

We want to reward our system integrators that lead with Black Box.

  • The Black Box Deal Registration Program is available to all of our authorized system integrators.
  • If you have a new opportunity for an end-user, register your deal with the Black Box Deal Registration Program and receive exclusive pricing protection for that particular project / deal for 90 days. (Extensions are available upon request, if warranted.)
  • Utilize the Black Box Deal Registration Program to receive system integrator discounts.

Deal registration starts at $5,000 for Commercial, State and Local Government, Education (SLED) and Federal Government deals.

As a bonus, we’re currently offering an additional 5% for any new registration that closes by March 31, 2017*.

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Keep in mind that because Black Box offers such an extensive range of products, we can usually cover the entire bid request. This makes it easy for you to put together a winning bid with line items sourced from one supplier.

If you have additional questions about Deal Registration or need help filling out the form please contact your Black Box Account Manager or your Distributor.

Terms and Conditions:
Black Box reserves the right to change this program at any time. Projects must be registered with Black Box before an RFP/RFQ release. Qualifying projects must be registered for an end-user and rollouts are eligible. There is a 24–72 hour approval process on submissions based upon business day in which the deal is registered.  

*This offer does not apply, nor can it be added, to any previously registered projects




Have questions or need help?

Contact your account manager, or contact the Channel Manager at:

John C. McCallum
Director of Commercial Sales Black Box Corporation
Phone: 724-873-6560
Fax: 724-873-6674

Or you can fill out our System Integrator Enrollment Application.