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Console Servers

Remotely control critical equipment with serial ports.

Ensure maximum uptime with out-of-band management console servers, sometimes called terminal servers. They give network managers a single-point-of control to remotely monitor, manage, and troubleshoot critical IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

Console servers have in-band data network control and out-of-band management for backdoor control. If a piece of equipment fails, IT administrators can take care of it from the office, home, or the road via modems, cellular wireless connections, or the Internet.

Backdoor management for business continuity:

  • Control switches, routers, servers, and devices with serial ports.
  • Connect to industrial RS-232/422/485 devices, such as PLCs.
  • Reconfigure, reboot, or reimage equipment.
  • Perform disaster recovery after power outages.

Multiple industries, multiple applications:

  • Industrial and process control applications.
  • Oil/gas, wastewater, power, and utilities.
  • Environmental monitoring in the field.
  • Military applications.
  • Distributed, remote-office networks.

Solve the challenge of distributed sites:

  • Centralize serial-port management.
  • Reduce reliance on distant IT staff.
  • Eliminate travel expenses.
  • Enforce enterprise-grade security.

Connect a device server, terminal server, or console server to a PC or printer with one of these adapters.
Access hard-to-reach remote serial equipment as if it were local. Rugged design for operation in a wide temperature range.


Eliminate power cord clutter with these PoE serial device servers.
Device servers with superior security features in a wide range of interface options.
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Virtual Central Management System Software provides central management of remote console servers.
Access a single serial device, including industrial equipment, over your 10/100 Ethernet network.
Manage two serial devices, including industrial equipment, over your 10/100 Ethernet network.
Get remote serial access to four devices with automatic failover over a modem or 3G cellular network.
Manage up to 8 remote console ports across your Ethernet network or via cellular modem.
Dual Ethernet ports plus cellular access ensures high availability for remote console port management.
Manage up to 32 remote console ports across your Ethernet network or via cellular CDMA modem.
Manage up to 48 remote console ports across your Ethernet network or via a cellular modem.

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Black Box Explains...     
Terminal Servers
A terminal server (sometimes called a serial server) is a hardware device that enables you to connect serial devices across a network.