Make legacy PBX, T1, SCSI, token ring, IEEE 488, and other legacy cable connections. Use retractable cables for traveling. 

Token Ring, Legacy Cables

Token Ring

150-ohm shielded twisted pair (STP) cable for Token Ring, broadband video, and CDDI connections. Choose from lengths up to 1000 feet or custom lengths.

T1 cables, legacy cables

T1 Cables

The right cables for T1. Cables have RJ-48C connectors. Some are straight-pinned and some are cross-pinned. Suitable for legacy CSU/DSU, DDS, and ISDN connections. 

Transceiver cable, legacy cables


Ethernet transceiver cable for legacy network connections. Choose from unshielded cable or triple-shielded cable for industrial environments. 

Parallel cables, legacy cables

Parallel Cables

Make legacy printer connections. Includes DB25 and Centronics connectors.

Mac cables, legacy cables


Quality cable for connecting legacy Apple® and PC computers and printers.

SCSI Cable, Legacy Cable


Hard-to-find cable for legacy SCSI connections including Micro D68, Micro D 59, and Centronics connectors

ieee 488 cable, legacy cables

IEEE 488

Shielded IEEE 488 cable have double-headed male and female connectors to prevent cable mismatches. 

PC internal, internal power supply, legacy cables

PC Internal

Extend or replace your internal power supply connection cable. Or connect to two separate devices.