Voice Services

Vendor-Neutral Solutions

Black Box is known worldwide for its ability to provide vendor-neutral voice systems solutions and support. We are a top partner for every major enterprise voice manufacturer in the U.S. and abroad. including Avaya, Cisco, NEC, and Siemens. Regardless of platform, Black Box has the answer to meet your agencies' needs. We support nearly every branch of the U.S. government in some form or fashion with voice infrastructure services and have provided IP-based solutions at several DoD locations as well.>

Hybrid Solutions: Integrating New and Legacy Systems

Our alignment with a diverse manufacturer group ensures our customers get the solutions they need in order to meet their mission objectives and not simply what we happen to distribute. The value to our customers in having Black Box provide voice solutions is that you get experts within one company that can support both your new and legacy infrastructure needs–not simply acting as a prime, but truly partnering with the resident experts your infrastructure demands.

Our Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) located within the U.S. maintain over 400 professionals, each skilled in being able to provide answers, diagnostic support, and remote Moves, Additions, and Changes (MACs) when needed–again, platform-independent. We have more technicians and voice engineers than any other enterprise services company in the U.S. We can place the right capability at your fingertips as needed.