Broadcast & Media companies are evolving and making a rapid transition to cloud-based workflows and automating broadcast operations for program transmission, master control, news production, and live production. Today’s KVM technologies play a pivotal role in this transition allowing managers, editors, operators, and engineers to manage and rapidly reconfigure infrastructure, allowing ease of setup and configuration when time costs money. Black Box has extensive experience in developing KVM solutions for the Broadcast & Media Industry by working with clients to develop innovative KVM solutions.


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KVM systems have long been one of the hidden foundations of a broadcast facility. They have evolved from being an occasional use tool for setup and troubleshooting into one of those infrastructure items that are used every moment of the day. Black Box KVM solutions deliver: 

-  Improved operational workflow
-  Real-time access to any server from any user station 

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Post-production environments must be comfortable and quiet so talent, artists, and editors are able to access the variety of hardware and software required from a single or multiple workstations. Today’s High-Performance Fiber KVM solutions allow users to have access to 4K resolution, 10-Bit Color Depth, and a variety of peripheral equipment. Black Box KVM solutions deliver:

-  Share content access editing, dubbing, and presentation suites
-  Enables use of advanced control surfaces for faster editing 

stadiums and arenas

Stadiums & Arenas

The demand for dramatic camera angles, slow motion replays, and dynamic graphic and stats are at an all-time high because fans want the same experience at the venue as they have on their couch. KVM solutions allow operators to move their computers to another location while still using the same machine via keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Fast-paced cuts, replays with zoom-in/zoom-out capabilities, and graphics need to be seamlessly integrated for a smooth yet fast-paced experience. Black Box KVM solutions deliver:

-  Instantaneous switching between systems for real-time workflow
-  Content sharing and workflow collaboration throughout the venue 

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Outside Broadcasting Vehicle 

Like KVM systems used in other live production areas, the broadcast control room or stadium control room mobile operators are looking for flexibility and fast setup times. They have evolved from being an occasional use tool for setup and troubleshooting into one of those infrastructure items that are used every moment of the day. Today’s KVM system is one of the unseen elements that support the entire system. Black Box KVM solutions deliver: 

-  Easy reconfiguration for each even and production team
-  Any seat configured for any production role


high-performance kvm

High-Performance KVM 

Enable multiple users to connect and switch between multiple, remote servers from the desktop. 

-  DKM KVM Matrix
-  InvisaPC IP-Based KVM
-  Agility IP-Based KVM
-  DCX KVM Matrix

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KVM Extenders 

Extend the distance between users and servers over CATx, Fiber, or IP while protecting your equipment and removing noise and heat. 

- KVM Extenders

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MultiView KVM 

Display multiple video sources on one monitor while sharing keyboard and mouse control. 

-   4Site Multiviewer
-   DCX KVM Matrix

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Video Wall Processing 

Display hundreds of video sources in windows of any size across a canvas of multiple screens. 

- Radian Video Wall Processing

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