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Black Box Ethics

The Black Box "Code of Business Conduct and Ethics" reflect our commitment to ethical business practices and regulatory compliance. This revised Code combines our historical Standards of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics into a usable, reader-friendly document, found in various languages by clicking the following links:


This Code continues to identify the standards that apply to all Team Members, everywhere, and in every circumstance. The ethical conduct of each and every Black Box Team Member is a cornerstone of our efforts toward corporate sustainability. We pursue our business mission in order to ensure the success and lasting presence of our Company for the benefit of our clients, stockholders, technology partners, suppliers and Team Members. Our uncompromising ethics are a critical component of our ability to accomplish this objective.

Team Members with questions regarding our Code, or whether a pending course of action is or is not permitted under our Code, can seek answers to their questions by phone at 1-724-873-7080 or by email at

Team Members should report violations of our Code, other Company policies or applicable laws. Under our Open Door Policy, a Team Member has many ways to report those concerns. A Team Member can contact his or her supervisor/manager or Human Resources representative, or our CFO or General Counsel. A Team Member also can use our Black Box Ethics Helpline. Any of those methods are appropriate. The Team Member should choose the method that is most comfortable and appropriate given the matter to be reported.

Any Team Member can contact the Helpline via an internet web link (Black Box Ethics Helpline). A Team Member in the United States and Canada can access the Helpline by phone using 1-855-833-0005. To contact the Helpline by phone from other countries, please use the Access Codes found here and please follow the Lighthouse hotline toll-free number calling instructions. The Helpline is hosted by an outside firm and is available 24 hours a day every day of the year. Reports are confidential and can be anonymous, except where prohibited by law.

A Team Member who contacts the Helpline will be asked a series of questions to better understand the nature of the concern. The concern will be summarized and forwarded to the appropriate Black Box department for review and, if necessary, investigation. At the end of the call, the Team Member will be provided with a unique identification number which allows the Team Member to track the status or provide additional information relating to the concern.

To encourage Team Members to report potential ethical or integrity concerns, Black Box prohibits retaliation for reports of misconduct made in good faith by a Team Member. However, if a Team Member makes a knowingly false or inaccurate report, such Team Member may be subject to disciplinary action.

In some countries, reports under the Helpline should be about a serious violation of law or company policies. In those countries, please use one of the other reporting methods under our Open Door Policy for reporting non-serious matters.

Ethics Helpline

Team Members in the United States and Canada may contact the Ethics Helpline at 1-855-833-0005. Team Members in other countries should use the Access Codes found here (Access Codes) and follow the Lighthouse hotline toll-free number calling instructions. Any Team Member may submit a concern via the internet at Black Box Ethics Helpline.

The Helpline is hosted by an outside firm and is available 24 hours a day every day of the year. Reports are confidential and can be anonymous, except where prohibited by law.