A Global Model for Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Talent

Accelerated by the pandemic, skyrocketing demand for processing power is driving the demand for new or expanded data centers. Global IT leaders are faced with the challenge of recruiting and retaining the technical staff to build these massive operations quickly and expertly, particularly in sparsely populated areas. That's why they seek a strategic partner with a global presence, the technical know-how, and ability to manage talent across multiple sites simultaneously.


The Human Side of Hyperscale

Global IT managers know that building massive data centers around the world with aggressive go live deadlines requires potentially thousands of seasoned technicians. IT leaders face significant questions: how to find, train, and retain the right resources in the right places at the right times? And how to maintain consistent processes and outcomes at every site?

Rethinking Hyperscale

Enterprises are moving from the traditional patchwork of local teams to a global strategy standardizing requirements and methodologies for repeatable, predictable services.

The Talent Cycle

Cultivating talent for the long haul requires a cyclical approach to recruiting, training, and retaining talent to reallocate resources (and knowledge) from one project to the next.

The Right Partner

A skilled partner can orchestrate builds, retrofits, and maintenance giving you the ability to go to market quickly through strategic planning and rapid mobilization.

Comprehensive Data Center Solutions

With Black Box, your DC plan, design, and build-out features qualified resources, talent development of certified and qualified technicians, global expertise, and rapid mobilization and go-to-market strategy.

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    Global Experience

    Knowledge of each country’s legal, financial, and other requirements, including trade and tax laws.

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    End-to-end expertise for hyperscale, large facility, campuses, and co-location DCs —plus a sweeping client list.

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    Staffing Solutions

    Unique and varied skilled-staffing strategies. Talent is ready when clients need it.

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    Technical Ability

    Specializing in Division 27 and telecom requirements.


The Human Side of Hyperscale

A global model for recruiting, training, and retaining skilled workers.

Our “think global, act local” DC mindset includes modular global development and strategic planning, as well as local project management and a homegrown technical workforce that’s well treated and trained for the long haul. The result is a consistently excellent customer experience.

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Customer Success Stories

Black Box partners with leading technology providers and global network distributors to plan, design, and build out hyperscale-class DCs around the globe.

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