KVM Videos

Emerald PE KVM Extender Demo

In this video, you will learn about Black Box’s new Emerald® PE KVM Extenders. These extenders deliver pixel-perfect video up to 1920 x 1200 on one or two monitors and feature two network ports for redundant connections.

Emerald - Using APIs and Integrating with Lawo VSM

In this video, you will learn how the Boxilla® centralized KVM manager’s APIs can make KVM transparent to the user by integrating with the Lawo VSM software.

Emerald™ 4K KVM Matrix Switch
Emerald™ SE KVM Extenders
Emerald™ Remote App
Emerald® PE KVM Extenders

Extend and switch pixel-perfect HD video, USB, and audio over IP and connect users with physical and virtual machines.

KVX Series KVM Extenders

KVX can extend KVM signals up to 328 feet over CATx cable or up to 18.6 miles over fiber cable through an SFP connector.

How to use a rackmounted keyboard, monitor, and mouse with a KVM switch
Agility IP-Based KVM
DKM FX Video and Peripheral Matrix Switching System
How to Protect and Secure Your CPUs with KVM Extenders
Moving from Analog to Digital: Reasons to Migrate to Digital KVM
DCX3000 Matrix Digital KVM Switch
Switch between secure and non-secure networks with ServSwitch Secure KVM
ServView V KVM Tray
ServSwitch 4site Flex Demo
Zero-Touch Desktop KVM Switching
KVM Applications and System Design Beyond the Data Center
KVD200-2H 4K KVM Switches

Switch control between two computers (HDMI and DisplayPort) and display 4K video on two HDMI monitors. Supports USB 3/2/1/C.

Understanding Video Compression Part 3

Learn about how common KVM applications are impacted by video compression.

Understanding Video Compression Part 1

What is it and How Does it Impact Your Image Quality and Bandwidth Consumption?

Understanding Video Compression Part 2

Learn how video is constructed and how video compression works.