When you need the hard-to-find, find it at Black Box™

We modify existing cables and adaptersor build them from scratch to your specs!

Create your own custom cable or adapter

Call Black Box and we help you solve your unique connectivity problems. If we don't stock it, we'll make it for you. 

Not only do we modify existing cables and adapters, we also build them from scratch to your specs! UTP, fiber optic, RS-232, coax, A/V—tell us what you need, and we'll turn your ideas into reality.

Create your own custom adapter

Indicate the proper RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45, or DB to DB adapter, gender, connector type, pinning and jumpers on the pinning on our Custom Adapter form.

Adapter options:

  • DB9 - DB15 -DB25
  • 15-pin high-density (HD15)
  • RJ-11 4-wire or RJ-12 6-wire
  • RJ-45 8-wire, shielded
  • DEC™ MMJ
  • Thumbscrews
  • Screw locks: M or F
  • Jumpers

Create your own custom cable

Indicate cable type, length, and jacket type as well as connector gender, connector type, and pinning requirements on our Custom Cable form.

Cable options:

  • CAT5e/CAT6
  • Shielded/unshielded
  • PVC/plenum (Plenum is only with solid conductors.)
  • Snagless boot/basic connector
  • Solid/stranded conductor
  • Eight colors: blue, white, black, gray, green, orange, red, yellow




Why Black Box

  • We design and build more than 200,000 custom products each year.
  • We produce more than 150,000 custom cables each year.
  • We can provide custom pinning, labeling, packaging, kitting, and bar coding and ship your products according to your schedule.
  • We can stripe, color, and bundle to your specs. We’ll design custom fiber assemblies just for you.

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