Enterprise Wi-Fi and DAS

The Keys to a Comprehensive Wireless Strategy 


Increasing Wireless Demand Changes Everything: Do you Need a DAS?

Smartphone and wireless data usage is more than doubling every year with over 70% penetration of smart devices that leverage 4G LTE high-speed data services. Meanwhile, new building codes, such as ICC IFC '09 and NFPA 72 210, are mandating approved radio coverage for first responders.

But buildings, where we spend 80% of our time, present special challenges for wireless connectivity and often times have no more than 20% coverage for devices such as cell phones and tablets. High-rises and buildings with large footprints or below ground features can present unique challenges to deploying reliable wireless coverage.

Additionally, modern construction techniques and materials used to achieve LEED certifications can block or degrade wireless signals, causing disruptions in connectivity – leading to dropped calls and lost data connections.


Black Box brings wireless coverage indoors through an in-building, wireless distributed antenna system (DAS), called InnerWireless4G. Enabling key wireless services with mission-critical service quality.


4G LTE, Public Safety, and More

Black Box Network Services brings wireless coverage indoors.  Leveraging both best-in-class DAS solutions and unique know-how, Black Box and InnerWireless4G enable virtually any wireless service for your enterprise - across a facility or across a campus.  We call this Everything, Everywhere, Everytime.

We offer a variety of DAS options to fit your specific needs.

  • Traditional DAS: Supports smartphones, two-way radio, public safety, paging, etc.
  • Convergence Technology: Capable of enabling Ethernet and wireless LANs
  • Integrated Small Cell: Enables the use of DAS and the small cell

We then help ensure equal support for all carriers, with one design supporting modular growth.  We coordinate among the carriers to ensure coverage, capacity and criticality.

DAS Carrier Coordination


Enable Mission-Critical Wireless with 3C's

To an end-user, wireless performance is determined by the ability to use any wireless device, such as a smartphone or tablet, anywhere inside of a facility. Engineered signal-level coverage and capacity ensure wireless devices get connected and stay connected throughout the facility.

DAS coverage capacity criticality

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