Conference Room Technology Solutions


Let Black Box Meeting technology take your conference room to the next level of innovation.

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, resources are limited and demands are high. Clear and efficient communication is key. Achieving better meeting efficiency through technology is one way that modern organizations are evolving and succeeding.  Staying up to date on the latest meeting technology can be a true competitive advantage for both you and your clients. Black Box offers a number of conference room solutions that will help your team turn every meeting into a productive endeavor.

From video distribution and wireless presentations to room control, scheduling, and interactive digital signage, our conference room technology can help create an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and improves meeting outcomes. 

Conference Room Solutions

Wireless Presentation Systems


Conference room technology should make collaboration easier, not more complicated. Coalesce™ is the gold standard of meeting technology, enabling wireless collaboration anywhere — in conference rooms, training centers, huddle spaces, or meeting rooms of any size. Any user can share content from any device. Black Box delivers on simple and efficient collaboration, a must for any modern business. 

Conference Room Scheduler


Never double-book a conference room again. Schedule meetings with an easy to use room scheduler.  Once you’re in the conference room, achieve integrated control of all room elements though a touch screen controller. There’s no debate over a favorite conference room when all of your business’s conference rooms can be controlled smoothly and efficiently. 

Video Switching & Distribution


Easily connect, extend, and switch any wired video device to any display in your conference rooms. The simplicity and best-in-class feature set will help you give smooth, professional presentations in rooms of any size.

Digital Signage & Video Wall


Liven up every conference room in your organization, whether occupied or not. Make the most of your displays when they're not being used by your teams for meetings. Our networked digital signage system offers you the flexibility to deliver the right message to your audience.

Meeting Room Applications

huddle space small conference room

integrated conference room diagram

3x3 wall diagram


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