BMW of Minnetonka

Project: Cable Infrastructure in New Building

 Major Challenge: Preserving visual appeal while managing space constraints in state-of-the art facility

Solution Product :GigaTrue® CAT6 Cable

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The background.

BMW of Minnetonka had outgrown its facility and embarked on a project to build a new, state-of-the-art dealership. Described by the BMW Facility and IT Manager as “a spaghetti network of wiring,” the old data center overheated constantly, which caused service disruptions and added downtime. Room for growth was limited and as a result, the cabling had become extremely disorganized, which made changes difficult and time-consuming to manage.

The Challenge.

Seeking to provide customers with the ultimate dealership experience, state-of-the-art elements were included in the new building design. The 250,000 square foot structure was built with heavy use of brick and concrete. A two-story wall of glass was also included to provide visual appeal. To cater to the demanding tastes of their clientele, BMW of Minnetonka wanted to use high-tech touches throughout its new building. Unique to this dealership, a heated and air-conditioned maintenance area along with an attached indoor car ramp meant more ceiling space dedicated for air ducts, heating panels, and concrete infrastructure, and less viable room for housing cable. Each auto service bay requires at least four data ports to connect vehicles to the BMW headquarters to relay vehicle history information and for completing diagnostic checks. The project required installation in tight spaces, high-end visual appeal through concealed network connections, and coordination among multiple contractors during the construction phase. Multiple integration points were necessary to ensure interoperability of security, wireless, and RFID systems.

The Solution

BMW of Minnetonka requested Black Box to manage the installation. A Black Box RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) worked with BMW to offer expert design recommendations and long-range planning for data center growth. Black Box also provided oversight during installation to verify industry standard deployment techniques. Because reliability was an important factor, Black Box® GigaTrue CAT6 Cable was used, ensuring lifetime guarantee of equipment via its Double Diamond™ warranty. Throughout the project, more than 17 miles of voice and data cabling were installed and more than 300 jacks were cabled, tested, and turned live.

A Satisfied Client

Since the dealership opened in the winter of 2009, there have been no issues with the voice and data cabling. “As the dealership opened its doors, Black Box was the only contractor that had no outstanding issues. This really shows their commitment to quality. They handed me an organized network closet that helps ease ongoing maintenance of my network. I continue to rely upon their guidance and expertise for day-to-day operations,” said Mark Spanagel, Facility and IT Manager for BMW of Minnetonka.