High-performance KVM switches for control of remote servers for local and remote users.

Get control, convenience, and cost savings with KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) data center switches. They give you access to a variety of target devices, such as CPUs, digital signage, servers, and other sources. They're also designed to give you a lot of ports in a small space. Many switches fit in 1U of rack space.

KVM switching provides effective management of technology elements in broadcasting, air traffic control, control rooms, and other collaborative environments.

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cx kvm switch image


CATx-based local and remote user KVM access to multiple CPUs or servers. High-end, multiplatform KVM switching over CATx with remote access. 

ec kvm switch image


Manage multiple PS/2 and USB CPUs from a single workstation. Basic data center switching for PS/2 and USB consoles and servers  
octet kvm switch image

Control remote PS/2, USB, Sun, and/or serial CPUs over CATx.

legacy kvm switch

Legacy KVM switches. When they're gone, they're gone.