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Next-Generation Customer Experience (CX)

Supporting an omni-channel customer journey has become more complex than ever because of the global remote and hybrid work revolution. Now, corporate leaders must transform their current operations, plan, and implement new technologies to ensure business resiliency, and deliver an exceptional and consistent experience — one that’s differentiated, digital, and human.

Reinventing the customer experience is a journey best taken with an expert guide — one that has helped thousands of organizations deploy personalized, intuitive cloud-based solutions that exceed customer and employee expectations. Whether your path is maintaining your current system, upgrading legacy systems to a cloud/premise hybrid solution, or migrating fully to the cloud — the results will exceed your business outcome expectations. Our global team of engineers and technicians design consistent, scalable service journeys the deliver uncompromising experiences unique to you.

Your CX Transformation:
Choosing the Optimal Path — at Speed


The Right Advice

Technology can transform every facet of your customer experience service journey. A committed partner with a dedicated focus on your brand and culture can optimize it and accelerate your journey to service excellence.


The Right Platform

Giving you the right technology to realize the best customer and employee outcomes is based on the recommendations of our engineers with a deep knowledge of the capabilities of multiple premise and cloud contact center platforms.


The Right Application

Sometimes you just need a chat bot or a data integration to a legacy database. Black Box has developers and engineering resources ready to assist on the smallest project, especially when “out-of-the-box” isn’t right for your brand.

Unified Customer Experience Across Every Channel

To keep customers engaged and loyal to your brand in the ever-expanding digital world, your customer service agents must deliver a holistic experience that stands out consistently across every contact point from start to finish via omnichannel communications. Why is omnichannel superior to its predecessors?


Digital First Channels
and AI

There is a greater need for a decentralized approach to customer service channels, and companies must have the ability to shift volume while providing a consistent experience. Self-service technologies and artificial intelligence have quickly improved resolution and business continuity.


The Importance
of Resilience

The work-from-home staffing model is here to stay. Contact centers that modernize to improve agility and ensure true resiliency will become industry leaders and thrive, while those that struggle to meet the demands of the altered economy will fall further — if not entirely — behind.


Agent Desktops

The importance of employee engagement and well-being is paramount. Customer insights, collaborative workspaces, agent guidance, and desktop automation reduce the cognitive load on agents enabling them to build satisfying and trusted customer relationships that fortify a company’s brand.

Customer Success Stories

Black Box helps clients create a CX that differentiates their brand from the competition with customers and employees alike.


New Service Desk Dramatically Improves CX and Cuts Costs at Miami International

Miami-Dade Aviation Department needed to modernize its mission-critical service desk, which handles approximately 50,000 calls each year. In the midst of pandemic lockdowns, Black Box accelerated the implementation a cloud-based solution without interrupting airline/airport operations and services while enabling safe, secure remote work. The Department realized dramatic cost savings and an improvement in CX services. Read the full case study.


Fonterra Moves Multiple CCs into Global Cloud for Significant Gains

To improve the customer, end-user, and agent experience, Fonterra consolidated four disparate, premise contact centers into one cloud platform. Omni-channel engagement reduced inbound calls by 29% and overflow calls by 21.8%. New capabilities enabled remote work and assured business continuity. Read the full case study.

Why Black Box?

Black Box’s global team of solutions architects can help you find the CX that resonates with your customers and energizes your brand. Whether we’re working with you to design agent desktops that handle all inbound channels, assuring digital channels are consistent and easy to use or implementing the right amount of outbound channels and brand awareness that aligns with your core values, Black Box is ready to support and help you grow on your CX journey.

Customer Experience Technology and Trends

Gain insight into how CX technology and trends are transforming traditional CX into an experience that reinforces your brand as an industry leader.


The Role of Contact Center for an Enhanced Customer Experience Blog

Customer experience is key to exceeding your customers’ expectations. Brands have to be accurate, dependable, and provide the service they guaranteed. The opportunity lies in the ability to deliver what you promised and surprise your customer with extra care and support.

Where Do We Start?

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