Sales and Solutions

Sales and Solutions

International Sales

"Our international products team will help connect you to the correct purchasing channel so you get the right product in the shortest amount of time"

International Team
Sales & Service Specialists


Canada Sales

"20+ years of experience in the Canadian marketplace, providing solutions for commercial, government and industrial needs in networking infrastructure, KVM and Pro AV."

Robert Fairburn
Account Manager

Toronto Direct: (416)-490-7156
Toronto Office: 800-667-6625


United States Sales

Government and Contractors

"Extensive experience with Prime government contractors in crafting secure networking, KVM, and audio/video solutions"

Silvia Vanlieshout
Inside Sales Rep.


Office: (724) 873-6546


"Over 2O years of experience selling Black Box solutions to the US government"

Dan Bozic
Inside Sales Rep.


Office: (724) 873-6693



Lydia Kleinhenz
Sales Support Rep.


Office: (724) 873-6367


Media and Entertainment

"Helping customers focus on KVM and Audiovisual solutions, specializing in Media Broadcasting, Control Rooms, and IT/Networking Operations"

Chris “COCO” Gabriel
Inside Sales Rep.


Office: (724) 873-6695


"Over 20 years global experience in designing and educating customers about IP based KVM and AV solutions"

Ed Krach
Business Development Director


Office: (512) 402-2478


"Over 20 years of experience creating industry-standard broadcast, control room, and KVM solutions"

Bill Frazier
Director KVM Solutions - Media & Entertainment


Office: (724) 873-6557


Commercial Sales

"Selling IT solutions with a focus on KVM, digital signage and networking, specializing in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and security"

James Sipes
Inside Sales Rep.


Office: (724) 873-6692



"Over 20 years of experience designing custom cables, telco racks, electronic & manual switches, and cabinet solutions"

Dwayne Johnston
Custom Product Specialist


Office: (724) 873-6260


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