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Ethernet Switches for Office and Industrial Environments

Ethernet switches are network hardware devices or "central hubs" that allow communication between devices within an Ethernet network. They connect all the computers, printers, servers and storage devices in the office, increasing network availability and reliability, and adding scalability and redundancy.

  • Safeguard uninterrupted data transmission for mission-critical monitoring and communications networks.
  • High redundancy, ensuring the network has automatic failovers which guarantee 100% uptime.
  • Speed autosensing allows Gigabit Ethernet switches to support both Gigabit-enabled and lower-speed devices.
  • Models for SMB, enterprise and industrial applications.

Ethernet Switches Application Diagram: IP Camera Surveillance

Ethernet Switches Benefits and Features


High Availability, Reliability & Redundancy

Provide high reliability and redundancy needed for mission-critical networks and improve network resiliency with a 30-ms failover time in a ring configuration.


Flexible, Remote Management

Use protocols such as SNMP to collect, organize and modify information to change the device’s behavior.


Withstand Harsh Environments

Industrial switches are capable of withstanding temperature extremes of -40°C to 75°C, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, purged or pressurized.


Built-in Security

To protect vital data, look for 802.1X port-based network access control, access control lists (ACLs) and virtual LANs (VLANS) to isolate guest traffic from the corporate network.


PoE Support

Add IP phones, wireless access points, security cameras and other Ethernet-enabled devices to a network.



Easily expand the network as the business grows with Gigabit links, higher port densities, fiber uplinks and management features.

Commercial vs Industrial Ethernet Switches

For decades Ethernet switches were used solely in commercial/office networks where climate-controlled IT racks housed the switches. More recently, industrial networks used in manufacturing, processing, and energy production have migrated to using Ethernet-based IP networks. Industrial Ethernet switches are designed for harsh conditions in f.e. plant floor environments and last for a long time while commercial Ethernet switches are designed for SMB, enterprise and data center applications and have a shorter overall lifespan.


Most commercial/office Ethernet switches have commercial temperature ratings (0 to 40°C) and do not publish shock and vibration specs. Industrial Ethernet switches are capable to withstand temperature extremes of -40 to 75°C and have excellent shock and vibration specs.


Industrial Ethernet switches are housed in rugged industrial style steel enclosures using DIN-rail or panel mounting, instead of the 19" rack mounting which is more common for commercial Ethernet switches.


Commercial Ethernet switches rely on a single power supply to power the switch, while Industrial Ethernet switches typically run off DC power, and have redundant power inputs. This allows the weakest link (the power supply) to have a hot standby back-up, insuring maximum uptime.

Use in
Hazardous Areas

Industrial Ethernet switches carry a Class I Div 2, group ABCD rating. This allows the Industrial Ethernet switches to operate where explosive gases are being used (very typical for industrial applications).

Ethernet Switches Portfolio

Commercial or Office Grade
Choose from enterprise-wide to small-business switches to connect groups at the edge of your network.
  • Add failover redundancy.
  • Flexible, modular switching options.
  • A wide variety of port options.
Suitable for dusty and dirty environments, and capable to withstand temperature extremes.
  • One of the largest selections of industrial switches in the industry.
  • Flexible, modular switching options.
  • A wide variety of port options.
Power over Ethernet
Power over Ethernet solutions for powering remote equipment, including cameras, access points, and door controls. Choose from:
  • Power Source Devices (PSDs)
  • Powered Devices (PDs)
Small Office or Home Office
These small, desktop boxes give you reliable switching for small work groups. Choose from a variety of port counts. Compact size saves space in small workspaces.

Ethernet Switch Industry Applications



Control machinery, sensors, cameras and other equipment. Facilitate the high-speed data transfer configuration and support between machines or to a central location.



Allow for centralized traffic monitoring across long distances and high bandwidth requirements for ITS, ticketing and parking systems.


Defense & Military

Deliver secure, reliable and flexible connectivity for on-board vehicle and aircraft communications networks.



Transform operations for businesses of all sizes with innovative technology products and solutions

Ethernet Switch Case Studies

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