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Network Deployment & IT services/support

  • Last-minute project
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Ultra-reliable, lightning-speed, secure network
  • Standardization across countries
  • 14 locations
  • Global services

Luxury working spaces

Welkin and Meraki is one of the fastest-growing providers of co-working office spaces in Europe with plans to soon expand globally. Welkin and Meraki's goal is to create five-star flexible office spaces in prestigious neighborhoods where clients can work, co-work, and successfully network. The spaces are designed with every detail in mind including lighting, color, Michelin-rated restaurants, as well as personalized business, facility, and IT services to inspire clients to get connected and grow their businesses. The company offers users the ability to rent hot desks, offices, meeting rooms, or even suites for an hour, a day, or long term. Their slogan is Work with Us; Grow with Us.

Because of its mission, Welkin and Meraki has very exacting requirements as how to create luxurious yet extremely functional and comfortable modern co-working spaces with the latest IT services and support. All materials have to be of the best quality and installations have to be performed by expert technicians who follow industry standards to ensure that Welkin and Meraki clients have fast, secure, and reliable wired and wireless internet connections everywhere in the building. In addition, to accommodate client needs for collaboration and sharing, all meeting spaces have high-end AV cabling and screens.

The installations

  • Luxemburg: 450+ tested and certified data connections
  • Paris: 550+ tested and certified data connections
  • Top-quality CAT6A U/FTP cabling
  • IT cabinets plus UPSs
  • Audio and video cabling
  • Security camera cabling
  • Mounting of screens, speakers, wireless access points, and security cameras

Luxemburg: 6 weeks start to finish

Unfortunately, when planning a new space in Luxemburg, the Welkin and Meraki project team was dissatisfied with the technical expertise of the network infrastructure provider and the sub-par quality of the cabling and other materials to be used.

As members of the Welkin and Meraki team had worked with Black Box previously in other capacities, they called us. The next day, the Black Box Belgium team visited Luxemburg to review the project. They submitted a quote a few days later and started working on the new office space a week and a half later. 
Situated in the middle of the international business district, the five-story Glacier building was completely empty and ready to be built out. Our team of technicians completed the installation in a six-week time frame proving that we can act quickly and be very flexible in responding to customer requests.

Paris: Faubourg—La Madeleine

The Luxembourg project went so well, that Welkin and Meraki trusted Black Box with another new, luxury office space just a few months later. This office, located in the heart of the Paris central business district, was also a new installation in an empty, gutted building. Although this project is larger than the Luxemburg site, it has identical requirements for quality materials and expert installation. The project was executed by the Black Box France team, which follows the same strict processes, procedures, and technical standards as the Black Box Belgium team.

What's next

These projects went so well, that Black Box is now being considered for additional office space builds in Europe and the U.S.

Come in, plug-in services

Welkin and Meraki promotes Come In, Plug In on their website. To make that possible at all their European sites, they trust Black Box for On-Demand services. Black Box is responsible for maintaining the network, troubleshooting, and performing moves, adds, and changes as needed to accommodate changing desk and office configurations. The work is done by Black Box teams in both France and Belgium.

The offices include:

  • Paris: Etoile–Foch building
  • Brussels: The Artist building
  • Eindhoven: the Emma building

A valued IT partner

Welkin and Meraki prides itself on offering its clients flexible office spaces, luxurious surroundings, and premium services. To ensure Welkin and Meraki provides its clients with what they need to be successful, the company relies on Black Box. To keep its clients satisfied and workers happy, we offer WM services and capabilities other providers can't or won't. This includes a flexible, customer-focused approach that defines and delivers the best solution for Welkin and Meraki when and where they need it.

Services include:

  • European and worldwide presence
  • Standardization from site-to-site including the same quality, methodology, and project management tools
  • Dedicated project managers that span countries
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Skilled, local-language technicians to work with local contractors
  • Flexibility in project planning and scope
  • High-quality products and a professional, high-level finish

Get in touch

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