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Black Box is your ideal partner if you are looking for hyperscale data centre companies to build cutting-edge infrastructure across a wide geographic footprint. The ability and capacity to build these infrastructures across a nation, across cities, and even beyond borders make Black Box a premium choice. At the core of putting all of these together is the availability and access to trained professionals. Black Box solves this for you. You can now stay assured that we will be there in small towns or urban territories across countries and continents to provide you customized support.


The Human Side of Hyperscale

Global IT managers very well know that data centre construction companies around the world with aggressive go-live deadlines require thousands of potentially seasoned technicians. IT leaders face significant questions like: how do you find, train, and retain the right resources in the right places at the right times? Moreover, how do we maintain consistent processes and outcomes at every site? Black Box attends to this human aspect of data centre builds on a local level with proven, globally tested processes and methodologies, such as:

Rethinking Hyperscale

Enterprises are moving from the traditional patchwork of local teams to global strategy standardisation requirements and methodologies for repeatable, predictable services.

The Talent Cycle

Cultivating talent for the long haul requires a cyclical approach to recruiting, training, and retaining talent to reallocate resources (and knowledge) from one project to the next.

The Right Partner

: A skilled partner can orchestrate builds, retrofits, and maintenance giving you the ability to go to market quickly through strategic planning and rapid mobilisation.

Comprehensive Data Centre Solutions

Having a global data-centre strategy as a Div 27 Telecom Data Centre Provider means anticipating (demand) requirements and putting consistent methodologies and mechanisms in place for hiring, retention, and redeployment from one site to another. We are investing in long-term, program-level training and reallocating resources to the next project for full-circle, repeatable, predictable services — and results — across all sites.

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    Global Reach, Local Knowledge

    A working knowledge of each location's legal, financial, technical, and cultural laws, standards, and customs keeps each project running smoothly.

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    BICSI-Certified Worldwide

    Black Box owns and operates strategically located, authorised training facilities that serve Europe and the United States, with more on the way. See more.

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    10-Step Talent Plan

    To ensure talent is ready when and where it's needed, Black Box follows a proven 10-step Talent Acquisition & Retention plan.

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    Service Beyond the Build

    Services extend far beyond builds and retrofits to include day-to-day operations, building automation, and wireless networking. See more.

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    Core Project Management

    A core project management and logistics team positively impacts the success of the project and team member satisfaction. See more.


The Human Side of Hyperscale

A global model for recruiting, training, and retaining skilled workers.

As an IT services provider dedicated to the hyperscale space, see how Black Box attends to the human aspect of data centre builds on a local level with proven, globally tested processes and methodologies.

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Black Box partners with leading technology providers and global network distributors to plan, design, and build out hyperscale-class DCs around the globe.

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Why Black Box?

Recruiting, training, and retaining hyperscale data centre construction and technical staff takes a global company with a global approach. Black Box’s Data Centre Practice embodies this philosophy. The data centre practice follows the “think global and act local” ethos – providing a modular global program that offers centralised solutions development and strategic planning while maintaining local project management and a local technical workforce for scalable delivery. Our services extend beyond the data centre build and retrofit technical staffing to include day-to-day operations management, building automation, and in-building wireless networking – all managed through a single project management office to ensure consistency and quality around the globe.

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