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BACKGROUND about Chichester College:

Chichester College is a prominent educational institution based in Chichester. Opened in 1964, this college has branches in Worthing and Brighton. Known for its commitment to providing quality education and fostering student growth, Chichester College presently has a strength of more than 20,000 students.

Over the years, the college has expanded its campuses and facilities, merging with other educational institutions - Crawley College and Greater Metropolitan College, resulting in significant growth and increased complexity in managing its network infrastructure.

CHALLENGES Faced by Chichester College:

Site Knowledge Disparity: The merger with different colleges led to a lack of site knowledge and understanding of various campuses and buildings. Each institution had its own network setup and configuration, making it challenging to manage the diverse network infrastructure cohesively.

Integration Complexity: The varying operating systems, cabling standards, and configurations across different campuses posed integration complexities and hindered the standardization of network infrastructure.

Expansion and Cable Routes: As the college continued to expand, new buildings and campuses required efficient planning of cable routes and network connectivity. Ensuring seamless integration while managing growth became a critical challenge.

SOLUTION by Black Box:

Structured Cabling Expertise: Black Box provided extensive structured cabling expertise, including cabling for client devices, Wi-Fi, CCTV, fiber optics, and other networking components through their Enterprise Networking Solutions.

Site Knowledge Sharing: Black Box leveraged its knowledge of the existing network infrastructure and collaborated closely with Chichester College’s team to enhance site knowledge and plan cable routes for new buildings.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Black Box showcased its flexibility by accommodating last-minute changes in project plans, ensuring smooth transitions between the planning and implementation phases.


Timely Project Delivery: Consistent delivery of projects on time, aligning with the college’s tight schedules ensured that classrooms and facilities were ready for students as planned.

Efficient Integration: Black Box’s structured cabling expertise facilitated the integration of network infrastructure across diverse campuses, helping standardize network practices and configurations.

Adaptable Solutions: Flexibility in accommodating changes in project plans demonstrated the commitment to meeting Chichester College’s evolving needs.

Enhanced Site Knowledge: Through close collaboration and knowledge sharing, Chichester College’s team gained a deeper understanding of the network infrastructure, enabling efficient management and troubleshooting.

Future-Ready Infrastructure: With ongoing projects and expansion plans, Chichester College is well-positioned to continue its growth while maintaining reliable, standardized, and efficient network infrastructure.

With a shared vision for excellence, Black Box stands by Chichester College as a trusted ally, ensuring seamless infrastructure support and growth.

"Black Box is Chichester College’s preferred supplier for our entire network infrastructure. We have a long and trusted relationship with the Black Box engineers and project managers. Their team knows our site, they work to a consistently high standard and they will pull out all the stops to get the work done within the required time scales, be that a single outlet or the complete network of a new building block. Black Box is on site with us every holiday carrying out larger projects, as well as managing all the moves, adds, and changes during term time."

Adrian Gates
Infrastructure Engineer, Chichester College


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