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BDS-8 Temperature Screening Kiosks

Temperature Screening Kiosks

Provide a Safe Environment through Contactless Temperature Checking and Facial Recognition

Businesses of all kinds are looking to adopt strategies and technologies that allow a safe return to operations. Performing temperature checks on employees, customers, and visitors with temperature screening kiosks has become a common practice for businesses in various industries to help them identify people that are sick or becoming ill. With these devices installed, you can help stop a crisis and safely go back to work and other public spaces.

The Black Box Detection System, BDS-8, uses advanced thermal detection and facial recognition technology to contactlessly scan anyone’s body temperature before they enter a public or private area. In addition, the BDS-8 can be easily integrated with any security or door access systems to grant or deny entry during thermal screening or facial recognition. Combined with the intuitive management software, the all-in-one BDS-8 kiosk solution can identify potential security threats and help mitigate large-scale exposures.


BDS-8 Temperature Screening Kiosks



Why Use a Temperature Screening Kiosk?

Why Use 1

Create a Safe and Healthy Environment

Prevent someone with an elevated temperature from entering a facility. In addition, face mask detection enables you to quickly identify who is not wearing a mask so you can make them put one on before they enter your business.


Provide Peace of Mind

Give employees, customers, and visitors peace of mind by reducing the amount of potentially infected people inside your facility.


Convenient and Effective for Large Businesses

Temperature screening kiosks are particularly useful for large companies that operate from different locations. With a stable and centralized system, screening processes become not only convenient but also extremely efficient.

Features of the BDS-8 Temperature Screening Kiosk

Automated Temp

Temperature Screening

A built-in infrared temperature module uses thermal imaging to scan temperatures in less than a second with an accuracy of ±0.5° C (±0.9° F). Since the kiosk reads the temperature on the forehead, the screening even works when someone is wearing a mask.

Facial Recognition


Store up to 30,000 faces in the database at any time for faster and more accurate facial recognition and comparison – even while someone is wearing a mask. Grant access to prescreened individuals and store temperature readings. Visitors and guests can also be screened anonymously.

Security and Access Control

Integration with Security & Access Control Systems

Integrate the kiosk with any security or door access system using the Wiegand connection interface. Using the included software, access conditions such as acceptable temperature range and mask detection can be defined.

Remote Management


Cloud-hosted, PC-based software enables you to deploy and manage kiosks from a central point, monitor users and their activities, and record employee registration, access, and logs – all from a single dashboard. The software is also included at no extra cost.

Audio Visual

Visual and
Audio Alerts

An on-screen warning is displayed with an optional audio message and traffic light-style LED lights flash when a temperature abnormality is detected – at a user-defined threshold.


Flexible by

It’s easy to mount your BDS-8 anywhere you want. It can be placed on pedestals, walls, and tabletops. All models have an integrated blue LED light strip as well.



The HDMI output function allows an operator or administrator to monitor the kiosk from a safe distance.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Functionality

You can display digital signage content when the temperature screening kiosk is not in use.


Device Detail


Standalone Deployment

Temperature Kiosk

  • Perform temperature checks on employees, visitors, and customers
  • Integration with security and door access systems
  • Self-installation in less than 10 minutes

Multisite Deployment

Versatility - Multisite deployment

  • Remote management of multiple kiosks from a central location
  • Facial recognition of employees
  • Manage blacklists and visitor lists

Black Box can help you assess, install, and integrate temperature screening kiosks in enterprise, large hospital, school, university, retail chain, and shopping mall applications.

Learn more about our solution offering.


BDS-8 Products

Versatility - Temperature Kiosk

Screening Kiosks

Choose from pedestal, wallmount, and tabletop kiosks to meet your specific requirements.

  • 8-inch, non-touch LCD display
  • Infrared temperature sensor
  • Facial recognition
  • On-screen, audio, and LED alerts
  • Access system integration
  • HDMI output for screen mirroring  


Remote Management Platform

The remote management software is an invaluable tool that enables businesses to monitor, control, and update kiosks from a central location.

  • Overview of devices and online status
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Face scan statistics
  • Quick access to view details


Assessment and Installation

Need help to set up your kiosks? Black Box makes it easy. We take care of the site survey, preparation, installation, and maintenance for customers throughout the United States.

BDS-8 Advanced Integration Options

Image-BDS-8_radian-flex integration-options

Radian Flex

The kiosk can be part of a wide network and send thermal imaging streams over IP to NOCs and command centers. No additional Radian Flex license is required.

Industry Applications

Although temperature screening applies to any industry, it is especially relevant in:


Corporate Offices
(Small to Large)


Industrial and Manufacturing


Retail Stores and Shopping Malls


Medical Facilities and Hospitals


Schools and Universities


Transportation Hubs


Sports and Entertainment Centers


Hotels and Restaurants

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