Black Box at Integrate Middle East 2024: Market Leader in KVM/AV Solutions


Visit us at Integrate Middle East 2024, Booth AR-F45, to discover Black Box® and Novo’s state-of-the-art IP-based KVM and AV solutions. Our products redefine control rooms and remote/hybrid productions, offering unmatched connectivity and user experiences. Explore the latest addition to our award-winning Emerald® DESKVUE, ISE 2024 Best of Show Award-winning Emerald®AV WALL, the latest software upgrade. Designed for modern broadcast, gaming, and esports environments, our high-performance IP KVM solutions ensure reliability, low-bandwidth usage, and seamless access from anywhere, while streamlining workflows and enhancing operational agility

Witness the award-winning Emerald® DESKVUE with AV WALL live, uniting KVM with AV for unprecedented collaboration.

Meet Black Box & Partner Novo at Integrate Middle East 2024
Booth #AR-F45
21 May 2024 – 23 May 2024
Dubai World Trade Centre

Black Box Showcase at Integrate Middle East 2024

Emerald® DESKVUE with AV WALL: Taking Emerald® DESKVUE to New Heights
Black Box® will highlight the award-winning Emerald® DESKVUE IP KVM receiver, a small-form-factor device that offers users a completely new concept in creating individually tailored workspaces. Emerald DESKVUE allows a user to access up to 16 different physical or virtual systems simultaneously, replacing multiple receivers and thus reducing system complexity and costs. All systems are displayed as individual windows on up to four 4K monitors (one of these four can be a 5K curved monitor). Users can arrange these windows in any way, as they would on a video wall, but right at their desk space. Switching between systems happens automatically in the background as users perform their tasks, removing any need for manual switching commands — or even awareness of system changes.

With the new software upgrade of DESKVUE, Emerald®AV WALL, KVM unites with AV. Designed to meet user requirements for more effective collaboration, this new solution enables seamless interoperability with Emerald KVM systems while also supporting non-KVM environments. AV WALL makes it easy to display a single source from an Emerald system on a video wall for viewing by a larger group. The solution directly supports a 2 x 2 video wall while allowing for expanding the number of supported monitors through additional units.


Emerald® GE Gateway, the Newest Addition to the Emerald Family

Connecting seamlessly to the Emerald IP-based KVM network, the Emerald GE Gateway gives all Emerald users enhanced simultaneous connectivity with VM sharing as well as physical machine access, saving the cost of additional PCoIP clients. Using intuitive dashboards created with the Black Box Boxilla® KVM management system, IT administrators can manage and monitor Emerald GE via a centralized system.


Black Box® Boxilla® KVM Manager

The Black Box® Boxilla® enterprise-level KVM manager makes it easy for users to control and monitor an unlimited number of Emerald® devices and software solutions. With its intuitive and visually appealing dashboard, Boxilla offers a simple, complete solution for monitoring system performance, configuring proactive security alerts, checking on real-time device status and identifying active devices, connections, and users as well as their current bandwidth usage. To offer a precise view of network bandwidth, Boxilla also provides at-a-glance access to dropped frames, round-trip time, and other critical system and device data. With these capabilities and the system’s ease of use, administrators can proactively identify and resolve issues before they compromise performance and the user experience.


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