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Dynamic Video Wall Solutions Custom-Configured to Operational Needs

Radian is meticulously designed to provide a highly flexible, premium-performing solution to meet the demands of command and control in mission-critical applications. Operators in Defense, Public Safety, Transportation, and other demanding environments must access, control, and visualize data in real-time to react quickly and achieve successful outcomes. Radian controllers utilize ultra high performance components including processor chassis, capture cards, graphics cards, and software, and can be custom-configured to meet the exact needs of these environments. And with expandability designed in, the controller system can grow as requirements change. Contact our experts today to design a solution for your precise needs.


Radian Features & Benefits

With Radian, solutions are custom-configured to meet the specific requirements of the environment they will be used in. Selecting from a wide array of component options, a system is built by choosing a processor chassis and a combination of capture, streaming, and graphics cards that meet the technical requirements of the user facility. With the addition of management software, you end up with a Radian Video Wall Controller purpose-built to provide mission critical content visualization.

Purpose-Built Video Wall Solutions
Purpose-Built Video Wall Solutions

Customized video capture, processing, management and display for outcome-driven content visualization

Robust Processor Chassis
Robust Processor Chassis

Up to 11 cards of capacity, processor options from i5 to i9 and Xeon, sizable onboard memory/storage

Built-in Scalability
Built-in Scalability

11 card capacity not enough? Increase capacity with 11-Slot expansion chassis

Advanced Video Capture and Streaming
Advanced Video Capture & Streaming

Up to PCIe Gen3, 6GB/s capture capacity; DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI,
H.264/265 options; 1080p to 4K60

Premium Graphics Output

Premium HDMI outputs up to UHD 4K60 4:4:4 with pixel perfect tear-free video

Video Wall Management Software
Video Wall Management Software

Full control of streams, captures, and local content displayed on one or more walls via intuitive GUI

Radian Video Wall

Build Your Radian Video Wall Controller System

Processor Chassis

ModelForm FactorPCIe SlotsProcessorPower SupplyRAMStorage
VWP-0405A4U Rackmount4Intel Core i5800W ATX32GB(x2) 240GB SSD
VWP-1060Standalone6Intel Core i5500W ATX16GB240GB SSD
VWP-0605R-SStandalone6Intel Core i5500W RPSU16GB240GB SSD
VWP-1107R4U Rackmount11Intel Core i7800W RPSU32GB(x2) 240GB SSD
VWP-1109R4U Rackmount11Intel Core i9800W RPSU32GB(x2) 240GB SSD
VWX-1100R4U Rackmount11-800W RPSU--

Capture Cards

VCC-HDMI2-22-Channel HDMI 2.0 Capture Card, 4K60 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2
VCC-DP-22 Channel DisplayPort 1.4 Capture Card, 4K60 4:2:0
VCC-HD-4-H4-Channel HDMI 1.4 Capture Card, Up to 4K60 4:2:0 (Channels 1 & 3), Up to 1080p60 (Channels 2 & 4)
VCC-HD-4-D4-Channel HDMI 1.4 Capture Card, Up to 4K60 4:2:0 (Channels 1 & 3), Up to 1080p60 (Channels 2 & 4), HDMI to DVI Adapters included
VCC-SD-HD-33-Channel HD Capture Card – (x2) DVI-I up to 1080p60, (x1) RCA up to 720p60
VCC-STREAMH.264 Streaming Card, Decode, (x2) RJ45
VCC-STREAM2H.264/265 Streaming Card, Encode and Decode, (x2) RJ45

Graphics Cards

VGC-HDMI2-44-Channel HDMI 2.0 Graphics Card, 4K60 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2
VGC-HDMI-2K-44-Channel HDMI 2K Graphics Card, 2560x1600 @ 60Hz

Video Wall Manager Software

Radian Video Wall Manager software is designed to provide intuitive and precise control of a video wall environment that allows customers to drive the right content, at the right time, to the right audience. It is offered in two editions (Standard and Pro), with Standard providing all of the features and functionality users need to effectively manage their complex video wall installation. The Pro edition is designed for larger installs with multiple walls and users with different levels of access, and provides all of the great features of Standard plus enhanced capabilities for installations of greater scale.

  • Access and manage a single video wall
  • Create templates with the built-in template tool, pre-configuring layouts for quick use on wall
  • Deploy templates of any size, implementing the layout to span entire wall or a single window
  • Group multiple pieces of content (such as IP camera feeds) together in a window, and template for future use
  • Place content on any area of the wall via drag-and-drop, and size/crop however big or small you want
  • Decode up to 8 H.264/265 streams of content for use in your video wall
  • Access and manipulate source content with full KVM keyboard and mouse functionality
  • Add descriptive text to your source content such as name, time, date and resolution to identify content on the wall
  • Emphasize content with colored borders to bring it to the rooms attention in critical situations, or to indicate a specific source

All features of Standard Edition, plus…

  • Access and manage multiple video walls
  • Create multiple user accounts with user-specific access rights to content and sources on one or more walls in the system
  • Unlimited streaming of H.264/265 sources; decode as many as system hardware will allow
  • Create banners for display across the entire video wall with Text or RSS Feeds
  • Asset management – Store assets such as OSD text, content carousels, content border settings, and banners for quick implementation in wall layouts
  • Content Capture Streaming – Stream content from Radian capture cards over the system's local network to Radian Streaming cards or any standard RTSP decoding software (e.g. VLC) for remote monitoring, processing, or recording

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