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Remote Environmental Monitoring Hubs and Intelligent Sensors


Real-Time Monitoring to Protect Your Mission-Critical IT Equipment

The AlertWerks™ ServSensor environmental monitoring system consists of base units or monitoring hubs and probes or intelligent sensors. This system enables you to actively monitor the conditions in your rack, server room, data center or anywhere else you need to protect critical assets.

  • Remotely monitor and manage HVAC, security cameras, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), generators and industrial equipment
  • Monitor for extreme temperatures, humidity, power spikes and surges, water leaks, smoke and chemical materials
  • Be alerted to any environmental conditions that can adversely affect your mission-critical equipment

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AlertWerks Hubs and Sensors Benefits

Remotely Monitor Environments

Monitor for humidity and the presence of liquids anywhere around data centers, extreme temperatures, power spikes and surges, smoke, and more.


Minimize Response Time

Built-in notifications like email, phone, SMS and SNMP traps enable employees to quickly respond to environmental issues that may arise.


Increase Uptime and Reliability

Minimize downtime by being alerted about conditions that cause damage to servers and other network devices.


Reduced IT Investment

Since real-time environment data can be used to prevent or lessen the impact of outages in IT equipment, the AlertWerks system can help save you money in the long run.


Elija entre una amplia gama de sensores. Compruebe su compatibilidad con los concentradores de monitorización inteligentes AlertWerks™ ServSensor en nuestra GUÍA DE COMPATIBILIDAD.

Environmental Monitoring Product Portfolio

AlertWerks Wired gateways are the brain of your IoT system. Attach physical sensors, configure virtual sensors, watch values on your dashboard, and set the gateway to notify you of alarms or perform automatic actions.
Monitor the environment with intelligent and daisychainable sensors for water, temperature, humidity, airflow, and more.
Monitor or switch AC or DC power, open/close or request status of dry-contacts.
Protect your premises with smoke detectors, motion detectors, sirens, strobe lights, and other security sensors.

AlertWerks Hubs and Sensors Use Cases

Data Centers
  • Remote data center device management and environmental, power and security monitoring
  • Continuously ensure servers operate at peak performance
  • Mitigate the risk of fire or humidity damage and detect any unauthorized entry to the data center or server room
Industry & Manufacturing
  • Monitor and control all conditions on the factory floor, predicting failures before they happen, avoiding unnecessary downtime and increasing efficiency.

  • Broadcast security footage of a large factory or multiple locations over the internet.


Oil & Gas
  • Remotely manage proprietary equipment where physical access is difficult.

  • Monitor the environmental impact for legal reasons, or ensure compliance with emissions and other regulations.

  • Make planning decisions to mitigate or eliminate environmental impact.


Industry & Manufacturing

Ensure the efficiency and stability of your manufacturing processes. Automate these processes while complying with your quality standards.


Control equipment in your stores or remote locations. Automate restarts before customers realize black screens or unsuccessful payments. Because you can control devices remotely, you save time, energy, and money by not traveling to re-plug equipment.