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Transforming Meeting Room Signage: Reserva x iCompel

Use Your Meeting Spaces More Efficiently

Booking a meeting room shouldn’t be a hassle. Reserva room signs allow you to easily locate and instantly schedule or cancel rooms from an intuitive and customizable interface. Because Reserva is powered by the iCompel digital signage solution, it can also be used as a dynamic communications platform. Businesses, educational institutions, and hospitality venues can advertise, build brand awareness, and share their internal communications through Reserva.


Reserva Flyer


Reserva Features and Benefits


Range of Screen Sizes

Pick the room sign to match your space. Reserva is available in 10” (Reserva Edge), 15.6”, and 21.5” screen sizes. You can also use the digital signage features on a larger display.


Customizable Interface

Make your conference room signage your own with a customizable interface that gives you the ability to add your organization’s branding, custom content, and background style.


Digital Signage Capability

Because they’re powered by the iCompel digital signage solution, Reserva room signs can show your content alongside the meeting room information. This can include employee communications, brand reinforcement, or advertisements.



Show information for upcoming meetings in a range of conference rooms all in one space. Display in reception areas or beside elevators to allow staff and guests to quickly and easily find the location of their meeting. Content can be displayed full screen or in a multizone layout on any interactive Reserva meeting room screen or iCompel digital signage.


Monitoring and Management

The Reserva Connection Manager application is quick to setup and integrates with multiple calendar systems at one time. This application also gives you centralized control over the configuration of your room signage. When connected to the iCompel CMS, room signs can be remotely monitored with features like remote screenshot, support snapshot, and offline.



Best-in-class security framework based on the iCompel proprietary Linux operating system. You can update the full software stack remotely over the network, benefiting from a continual platform and security updates.


Reserva Integrations


Reserva Product Range


Reserva Edge

Reserva Edge is a purpose-built room sign with an Intel processor. Edge features a unique ergonomic tilted touchscreen interface. It has been designed to completely conceal wires and has a fully integrated mounting kit for both glass and walls. The large LED status bar allows users to easily see room status and can also be customized to reflect brand colors. The built-in NFC card reader enables users to check in to meetings to minimize the workspace wastage from no-shows.


Reserva 15.6 and 21.5 inch (Gen 2)

The 15.6- and 21.5-inch Reserva displays use the same powerful internal hardware as the Reserva Edge and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientations. These displays were specifically designed for applications where visibility from a greater distance is required. The larger displays also provide a greater opportunity to use Reserva’s unique four-zone digital signage capabilities.


Reserva Wayfinding / Meeting Summary

The Reserva Wayfinder/Meeting Summary solution shows upcoming meetings in a range of meeting rooms. Install these wayfinding systems in reception areas or beside elevators in larger buildings to help staff, students, or guests find where they are meeting. The content can be displayed in full-screen or multizone layout and in portrait or landscape orientations.


Reserva Analytics

Reserva Analytics is a browser-based solution that provides room-booking data in a clear, easy-to-use dashboard. Reserva Analytics displays individual user behavior data and room utilization data as well as a report on the technology resources within the meeting space, allowing organizations to monitor and optimize resources with ease. These analytics enable organizations to base their long-term strategic decisions on proven quantitative data.


Reserva Gen 2 User Interface


Book Meetings

  • Simple quick booking interface allows you to book immediate meetings. Simply set duration and book
  • Book a meeting in the future either later on the same day or another day
  • Full calendar view of current day, week, and month
  • Override default meeting title with custom meeting title


Find an Available Room

  • When a room is already in use, easily view a list of available rooms
  • Clear view of how long rooms are available and what resources are available in each room
  • Choose a suitable room and complete the booking process on screen
  • Simple confirmation message to show booking has been accepted

Report an Issue

  • Report an issue with a resource in the room (for example, teleconferencing, VC, or display)
  • Send notification to support desk email address that includes all relevant information
  • Send a notification to organizers of future meetings in the room so they can make alternative plans in advance and avoid disruption at the start of the meeting from faulty resources
  • Icons change to inform other room users of the issue raised

Cancel Meetings

  • Extend or reduce the length of the meeting
  • End the meeting now if the meeting finishes early
  • Use ID card scanner or user authentication to ensure only meeting attendees can extend, shorten, cancel, and check in to meetings

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