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Whether your application is digital high-definition video, KVM, or matrix peripheral switching, using extenders enables you to remove computer noise and heat from your work area. Additionally, extension enables you to move servers and CPUs to low-dust, climate-controlled equipment rooms without sacrificing video quality, picture resolution, or real-time peripheral switching.

Finally, server maintenance, software updates, and network administration become centralized, and time and cost associated with staff support is reduced. Along with extending VGA or DVI video, these applications extend keyboard and mouse, digital or analog audio, serial, USB HID, and USB 2.0.

This buyer's guide will help you select the right KVM extender for your application.

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DVI/USB KVM Extenders

    Single AccessDual Access
MediumDistanceVideo InterfacePeripheralsKVM OnlyKVM + AudioKVM OnlyKVM + Audio
IPPoint to Point - 100m
Network - Unlimited
1x DL DVIUSB 2.0 ACR1002A  
 ACR1012A-T +
1x SL DVIUSB 2.0 EMD2000SE-R +
2x SL DVIUSB 2.0 ACR1020A  
FO10km (SM)1x SL DVI
or VGA
USB 2.0   KVXLCF-100
4km (SM)1x DL DVIUSB 2.0 ACU5600A-SM  
1 km (MM)1x SL DVIUSB 2.0 AMS9201A  
2x SL DVIUSB 2.0 AMS9203A  
400m (MM)1x DL DVIUSB 2.0 ACU5600A-MM  
CATx150m1x SL DVIUSB 2.0 ACU5700A  
140m1x SL DVIUSB HID  ACS4001A-R2 
100m1x SL DVI
or 1x VGA
USB 2.0   KVXLC-100
1x SL DVIUSB 2.0ACU1500A-R3   
50m1x SL DVIUSB 2.0 ACU5501A-R4  
1x DL DVIUSB 2.0 ACU5520A  
2x SL DVIUSB 2.0 ACU5502A-R3  

DisplayPort KVM Extenders

    Single AccessDual Access
MediumDistanceVideo InterfacePeripheralsKVM OnlyKVM + AudioKVM + Audio
IP55m CAT6
300m MM
10km SM
1 x DisplayPort 1.2 4K/60USB 2.0 EMD4000-KIT 
CATx100m1 x DisplayPort 1.2a 4K/30USB 2.0 4KDPKVMXT-100M-R2 
100m2 x DisplayPort 1.1USB 2.0 ACU5800A 
Fiber10km SM1 x DisplayPort 1.2USB HIDAMS9204A  
USB 2.0 AMS9205A 
10km SM1 x DisplayPort 1.2a 4K/30USB 2.0  KVXLCDPF-100

HDMI KVM Extenders

    Single AccessDual Access
MediumDistanceVideo InterfaceUSB InterfaceKVM OnlyKVM + Audio
CATx100m1 x HDMIUSB 2.0ACU1700A 
Fiber10km1 x HDMIUSB 2.0 KVXLCHF-100


KVMKeyboard, Video, Mouse
SLSingle Link Video 1920 x 1080 HD
DLDual Link Video 2560 x 1600
MMMulti-Mode Fiber Cable
SMSinglemode Fiber Cable
USB HIDUSB Human Interface Devices such as keyboards/mice
USB 1.1USB Devices that operate at 1.1 speeds 12Mbps
USB 2.0USB Devices and peripherals such as keyboards, mice and flash drives
Single Accessa KVM extender that allows for 1 remote station
Dual Accessa KVM extender that allows for a local and remote user station

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