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Sync Modem Eliminator - DB25 Female/Male

The Sync Modem Eliminator allows two synchronous RS-232 DTE (host) devices to communicate with each other without the need for expensive synchronous modems.

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Product Features

  • Emulates dialup or leased-line modem service.
  • Installs inline with RS-232 cable.
  • Supports data rates from 7 to 224 kbps, including 56 kbps.
  • Distances supported up to 75 feet (22.8 m) on either side of the connector.
  • Indicator LEDs display TX, RX, and CD.
  • Internal or external clocking. 


  • Runs at 38.4 kbps.
  • Operates full- or half-duplex.
  • Has two DB25 connectors and six LEDs (TX, CTS, and DSR for each of the two ports).

  • We've tailored our SME-4M for your IBM equipment. Use it to regenerate the RS-232 signals, so you can send data up to 100 feet (30.4 m). Then you can put your sync (or async) devices where you want them.

    Use the SME-4M to provide clocking to your system, instead of a pair of modems or line drivers to connect controllers or other systems to your front-end processor. You can monitor the operating status easily with a glance at the front-panel LEDs.

    Because the SME-4M is so small and lightweight, it minimizes logistics problems and simplifies installation and replacement in the field. No special tools are required either. It's definitely designed for do-it-yourself installation.

    Tech Specs

    Connectors (2) DB25 F
    Distance Up to 100 ft. (30.4 m) total
    Indicators (6) LEDs: TX, CTS, DSR for each of the two ports
    Interface RS-232
    Operation Full- or half-duplex
    Power 115 VAC, 60 Hz (230-VAC version on request)
    Protocol Synchronous or asynchronous
    Size 1.8"H x 5.5"W x 8.6"D (4.6 x 14 x 21.8 cm)
    Speed 38.4 kbps
    Weight 2 lb. (0.9 kg)
    This product works with:
  • RS-232 Cable, 25-Conductor, Male/Male (ECM25C)
    The ME251C-R3 works with:
  • 12-Card Rack (RM008).
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