Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, resources are limited and demands are high. Clear and efficient communication is key to success. Black Box empowers businesses of all sizes by aligning IT and communications solutions to the desired business outcomes. We help transform operations for the better with a wide range of solutions that help take your business to the next level of innovation:

  • Allow any user to share content from any device and deliver simple and efficient collaboration
  • Easily connect, extend and switch any wired video device to any display in your meeting rooms
  • Networked digital signage systems give you the power to deliver the right message to your audience
  • Manage remote IT devices and extend the reach of your network to provide better connectivity for your enterprise

Conference Rooms and Huddle Spaces

Keeping your meeting technology up to date can be a true competitive advantage. Black Box offers a number of conference room solutions that will help your team turn every meeting into a productive endeavor.

Solution - Wireless Collaboration

Collaboration and Videoconferencing

  • Start in-room sessions and videoconferences with a click on a browser extension
  • Remote reach-through enables brainstorming
  • Whiteboarding lets remote teams virtually sketch ideas on screen
In-Session scheduler

Room Scheduling System

  • Make immediate room reservations from the touch panel screen, your computer or a mobile device
  • Touch panel shows the current status of the room and reservation calendar and gives you the ability to cancel or extend a meeting
  • Manage all IN-SESSION room schedulers through one enterprise management system
Presentation Switchers

Presentation Switchers

  • Easily connect, extend and switch any wired video device to any display in your conference room
  • Improve data visualization to enable clearer communication
  • Simplify conference room system integrations


Room Control Systems

  • Control room systems and room automation via a touch panel GUI or mobile device
  • Control signals via Ethernet or serial connection to a video wall
  • Connect to and control remote devices

Visual Solutions

Our video switching, video distribution and interactive digital signage systems boast best-in-class features that give you the control and flexibility you need to visualize and deliver your content on any display.

Video Switchers

Video Switchers

  • Easily connect and switch any wired video device to any display in your enterprise environment
  • Improve data visualization to enable clearer communication
  • Simplify conference room system integration
Digital Signage Solutions Thumbnail

Digital Signage Solutions

  • Motivate your team with internal communication using facility- and office-wide digital signage  from a simple-to-use CMS
  • Create, manage, distribute and monitor the exact content that delivers ROI for your specific application
  • Engage and assist employees and clients with interactive touchscreens and wayfinding signage

AV-over-IP Video Extender

  • Transmit 4K HDMI video and audio over a LAN
  • Perfect for point-to-point or multicast transmissions, virtual matrix switching and video walls up to 8 x 8
  • Scale to your needs by adding transmitters and receivers as you add sources and displays
Video Wall

Video Walls

  • Create uniquely shaped video walls with four or more screens
  • Impress, persuade and engage clients, patrons and employees with video walls designed to capture attention
  • Deliver multiple messages and easily change content based on your latest communication campaigns and audience

Network Infrastructure and Remote Access

Tackle the complex challenge of transitioning from traditional communications to dynamic and integrated IT technologies and services.

Console Servers

Console Servers

  • Access your vital IT devices from anywhere
  • Ensure high availability for remote console port management
  • Fully redundant with dual Ethernet ports and a modem

KVM Switching and Extension

KVM Switching and Extension

  • Remotely access computers, peripheral devices, data sources and control systems
  • Seamlessly switch between multiple computers with a single mouse
  • Enhance workplace efficiency and optimize working conditions
  • Switch and extend video signals with resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz
Media Converters

Media Converters

  • Extend the distance of your existing LAN by utilizing fiber links
  • Integrate new technology with existing equipment to support new applications
  • Support for PoE+ to power devices like IP cameras and Wi-Fi access points


Pre-Terminated Fiber Cable

  • Improve network security, reliability and bandwidth
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Extend your Ethernet network beyond the 100-meter limit imposed by copper cable with distances of up to 80 km
  • Ensure optimal data transmission without corruption from electromagnetic interference

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