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Easily Connect, Extend and Switch USB Signals Between Devices

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the reliable interface of choice for connecting peripherals such as printers, external hard drives, keyboards, mice, displays and much more, to computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

USB can also send power to devices and is often used to charge portable devices. Newer USB standards even support AV-connectivity with displays.

Meet your connectivity requirements with choices of USB products, cable lengths, port options and cable standards.

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USB Connectivity Products Benefits and Features

Comprehensive Connectivity

True Plug-and-Play

USB devices require no drivers, configuration or computer expertise.

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Instantly add or replace USB devices, no need to reboot your PC or laptop.


Fast Transmissions

Speeds up to 10 Gbit/s are possible with the latest USB 3.1 standard.


Quickly Expandable

Up to 127 devices can be connected to a single USB port through cost-efficient USB hubs.

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Worry-free operation with simultaneous data sharing and power delivery to the connected device.


Audio/Video Support

The latest USB 3.1 standard delivers crystal-clear digital audio and video for easy extension or duplication of displays.

USB Connectivity Products

USB-C Docking Station

USB-C Docking Station

Expand your workplace or create a fully-equipped workstation at home by connecting a 4K HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse to your USB-C-enabled laptop.


USB Adapters & Converters

Connect incompatible interfaces with a wide range of USB adapters and converters. Attach RS-232 / 422 / 485 devices to your USB ports or connect displays to USB ports on laptops.


USB Cables

Charge, sync and connect devices with the right USB cables for your application.


USB Extenders

Extend your network by connecting to USB printers, scanners, touch screens and other peripherals up to 10 km away.


USB Hubs

Easily add more ports and peripherals to PC’s, laptops or servers with USB hubs. Quickly recharge devices through special charging ports. Choose from standard and industrial housings.

USB Industry Applications


Connect local USB devices such as USB printers, scanners, keyboards and mice through USB 3.1, 2.0 or 1.1 cables, or use USB extenders to connect to remote USB devices.

Conference Room

Place USB 3.1 web conferencing systems and other USB devices at any location. Choose from a large USB cable selection for local devices, access remote devices with USB 3.1 extenders, and use USB-C docking stations to access multiple USB-monitors and -cameras with your laptop.

Industry Automation

Move touchscreens and other computer controls with common USB 2.0 interfaces into safe and clean areas far away from the machines. USB fiber extenders provide reliable control free of interference over distances up to 10 km and control serial devices with USB converters.

Machine Vision

Machine vision cameras commonly feature USB 3.0 interfaces with limited cable connections up to 3 m. With Black Box USB 3.0 extenders, they can now be controlled over a distance of 100 m.


Hospitals and other medical services need to isolate their patient data by locating their host computers in secured rooms. USB 2.0/3.0 extenders can assist them to bridge the distance between the remote data center and their diagnostic and imagery equipment.


Interactive whiteboards replace more and more traditional chalkboards as they allow easy content modification. USB extenders bridge the gap between whiteboard and PC. Use USB-C docking stations and USB cables/adapters to connect 2-in-1 Notebooks (Convertibles) with the network, a display or a projector.


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