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Easily Connect, Extend and Switch USB Signals Between Devices

USB is the reliable interface of choice for connecting peripherals to computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It can also be used for charging and much more! Meet your connectivity requirements with choices of lengths, port options and cable standards.

  • Connect printers, hard drives, displays and more to the USB port on your computer, laptop, ultrabook, tablet or other devices
  • Convert USB for use with Ethernet, serial, audio/video and more
  • Increase the number of USB ports with USB hubs
  • Extend a USB signal up to 10km away for remote use of your device

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USB Connectivity Products

USB-C Docking Station

USB-C Docking Station

Connect a 4K HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your USB-C-enabled laptop


USB Adapters & Converters

These converters join different interface types, especially in industrial settings. Share serial data over a network securely and reliably.


USB Cables

Charge, sync and connect devices with the right USB (universal serial bus) cables for your application.


USB Extenders

Extend your network by positioning printers, scanners, touch screens, and other peripherals up to 10 km away.


USB Hubs

Add more ports and peripherals to PC’s, laptops or servers with USB Hubs. Quality connections without sacrificing serial speed.


USB Switches

Route computer signals between USB devices by quickly setting up temporary LANs or create extra network ports.

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