Basic Cabling & Connectivity

Why Black Box Connect?

When every dollar counts, count on Black Box Connect cables and hardware. Use Black Box Connect when you want value-priced, general-purpose cable and infrastructure components for everyday network connections or temporary networks. They meet all industry specifications and come with a two- year warranty. Best of all, most products are in stock and ready to ship.

The Black Box Connect line includes everything you need to set up your copper and fiber optic structured cabling infrastructure: CAT5e and CAT6 copper bulk and patch cables, fiber optic patch cables, patch panels, jacks, and connectivity hardware. 

Black Box Connect Products

What Black Box Customers Say

"My first online and subsequent phone experience with Black Box was fantastic. You were the only company I found that gave me exactly what I needed, at a reasonable price, with the ability to order it when I needed to (6:30 P.M. my time), and to actually talk to someone first. Then you delivered it when promised."

- Ray S. Vancil