Black Box Explains Why Use IP for Security?

Internet Protocol (IP) based video surveillance systems provide several benefits versus analog systems. Advantages include remote accessiblity, high image quality, event management, scalability, and cost effectiveness.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) sourcing equipment such as switches and media converters simplify installation of IP cameras by eliminating the need for AC power circuits at the camera location. Add a PoE media converter and you have an easy way to power cameras and backhaul video traffic long distances over fiber.

Good quality images. Digital images don’t lose quality in transmission.

Simplified installation. Simply connect your security camera to the
nearest network connection and assign an IP address.

Cabling. It’s a lot easier to run one twisted-pair cable than to install electrical wiring. And it’s much less expensive than an analog-based security system running over a coax cable.

Power options. PoE and PoE+ give you flexibility in terms of output power.