Industrial Ethernet Switches

Industrial Ethernet Switches - Managed, Unmanaged, Gigabit, & PoE

You'll find one of the largest selections of industrial Ethernet switches in the industry at Black Box. They're designed to operate in remote, difficult environments with extended temperature ranges. Black Box industrial Ethernet switches are built to resist moisture and contaminants, withstand EMI, provide redundant power and to mount on 19" or DIN rails. PoE switches can be used to power remote equipment including cameras, access points, and door controls.

Maximize Network Uptime

These industrial Ethernet switches deliver the high reliability and redundancy needed for mission-critical networks. Use them for:

  • IP security camera backhaul
  • Manufacturing  automation
  • Building automation equipment
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • M2M data acquisition
  • Military and marine field applications

Product Selection Guides

Find the industrial network switch that's right for your application. Choose from all copper switches or copper/fiber switches with varying port counts and power options.


Use in Extreme Environments

Black Box industrial network switches withstand temperature extremes of -40 to 75° C. They come in IP30-rated cases and many meet numerous standards, such as NEMA TS1/2 for traffic control and EN6100-6-2 and EN6100-6-4 for industrial environments, including railway applications.

Fast Failovers for Network Resiliency

Improve network resiliency with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and ultra-fast Alpha-Ring protocols, which can reroute traffic in less than 30 milliseconds in case of a link failure.