Desktop KVM Switches

Desktop KVM switches help you save space and reduce clutter on your desktop.

With a desktop switch, you can access, control, boot and reboot multiple computers from a single KVM console (keyboard, mouse and monitor). Switch between the computers with hotkeys, software, or convenient port selection buttons on the front of the switch. Share peripherals, such as printers, between all the computers; select models allow you to share audio/video components.

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Wizard DisplayPort USB
Use a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse to access a number of computers.
Create a seamless multi-monitor, multi-OS, single keyboard desktop with the ability to instantaneously switch between separate computers by moving the mouse cursor from monitor to monitor.
Safely switch between secure and non-secure networks. 
reverse KVM
Now multiple consoles can share access to a single computer or switch.


Agility IP-Based KVM Switching and Extension

Improve workflow and efficiency, and send HD video and KVM signals over an IP network with Agility. Learn more.