Fiber MTP/ Fiber MPO

Simplify high-density data centers with MTP/MPO style fiber optic connectors.

Multi-fiber cables with MTP/MPO connectors generally contain 12 or 24 fibers and are designed for high-density, high-speed networks. Use them to optimize space and reduce costs in data centers where you need to transmit over multiple fibers at the same time. A single MTP/MPO cable replaces up to 12 or 24 fiber cables in the equipment rack enabling easier installations. The most common application is for 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps network connectivity.

MPO Polarity

The ANSI/TIA 568-3.D, (Optical Fiber Cabling and Components Standard, October 2016) defines three pinning or types for multi-fiber array systems: Method A, B and C. While one method is not preferred over another, the standard recommends that you choose a method in advance and use it throughout your installation. To maintain the proper polarity, there are three connectivity methods—A, B, C—that mirror the cable types. Each polarity method handles the transition from transmit to receive in a different manner.

  • Method A, straight-through, is the most commonly used approach. It is pin 1 to pin 1 and uses Method A (key-up to key-down) MPO connectors. 
  • Method B is a crossover method (pin 1 to pin 12) and uses method B (key-up to key-up) MPO connectors. 
  • Method C uses flipped pairs (pin 1 to pin 2) and method A (key-up to key-down) MPO connectors. It does not offer a migration pathway to 40-/100-GbE.

Getting Started with MTP Fiber / MPO Fiber 

To get started on your MTP fiber solution, first determine if you will be using 12 or 24-fiber connectors and assemblies.

mtp mpo fiber optic cable
Increase bandwidth and optimize performance with space-saving 12-fiber cabling.
Double the bandwidth in the same footprint with 24-fiber cabling.


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