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An electric, water, gas, or other utility company gathers large volumes of data instantly and continuously. Operators in the control room need a simple, yet comprehensive, way to display, interpret and collaborate this complex data. Visualizing and manipulating this data in a timely and efficient manner is a challenge faced by all utility companies. In many older installations, the standard operating procedure uses small, independent displays to visualize data. Modern control rooms would benefit from a central platform that makes data visualization and collaboration immediate. In an emergency, quickly interpreting data and taking corrective action can be lifesaving. Operators need to access, interpret, and manipulate content to troubleshoot problems in the field to avoid a loss of human life or other tragedy.


Enter Radian Flex. This 100% software-based video wall solution runs on virtually any hardware. The drag-and-drop user interface allows for fast source selection, resizing, and reconfiguration. Advanced features like transparency, animation, slideshows, and text creation create an easy-to-use collaboration or visualization space. While ideal for today’s rollout, this futureproof system also enables you to easily add displays and content sources as your installation grows.


With Radian Flex deployed, utility companies can monitor performance and display content in the control room. A unified display of monitoring software, live streams, IP camera feeds, and other sources brings the action in the field to life : for example, see and control what the electric grid in doing in a particular location, in real-time and with the flexibility to view meters and other monitoring equipment right from the desktop. Do all of this with unparalleled resolution, super-crisp clarity, and zero downtime. Get the information you need at your fingertips to make quick, well-informed decisions in seconds to mitigate a problem in an emergency situation. Radian Flex delivers a centralized platform that connects business-critical sources and video wall systems, locally or worldwide, and also increases efficiency, response time, and employee productivity.

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