Company Swiss Broadcasting Company

The Challenge

A Swiss broadcasting organization needed a DisplayPort KVM matrix switching system that could enable their video and graphic editors to access computers located in data centers all throughout their headquarters. The system had to be able to extend KVM signals to and from each data center. It also needed to support IP-based signal distribution so the organization could use it with their existing LAN infrastructure. Last, the solution had to support the 2560 x 1600 video resolution that their displays currently use.

The organization contacted Black Box because they had heard of our Emerald® KVM-over-IP system and believed it could meet their needs. On top of their interest in Emerald, the customer came to us because we have worked with them for many years and have helped them with other projects in the past. After talking with us, the customer requested a proof of concept (POC) Emerald solution so that they could test it before making a decision.

The Solution

Black Box created a KVM matrix switching solution with Emerald 4K and Emerald PE because they can extend KVM signals up to 100 meters over CATx or even farther over an IP or WAN connection. Further, these devices support KVM over IP, enabling the customer to leverage their existing LAN. Emerald 4K supports up to UHD 4K video, so it can easily output 2560 x 1600 video to the customer’s displays. On top of that, Emerald 4K features the DisplayPort input the customer was seeking for their new matrix switching solution. Emerald’s reliability and flexibility also offer exceptional KVM functionality that allows editors to do their jobs without tech-related interruptions. In addition to the Emerald units, Black Box added the Boxilla® KVM Manager to the solution so the customer could monitor and control their entire KVM system from an intuitive command center dashboard.


After rigorous testing of the proof of concept Emerald KVM solution Black Box built, the organization decided to deploy the system. The customer then installed and configured the solution, and Black Box provided exceptional technical support throughout the entire process. With the new Emerald KVM-over-IP solution installed, video and graphic editors can access all of the critical computers stored in the building’s data wcenters from their workstations, which has optimized workflows and increased productivity. And, since editors do not have to leave their desks to access multiple PCs, they are now more comfortable throughout their entire workday, making them happier and more motivated. The Emerald solution’s support for 2560 x 1600 video provides editors with the clear picture quality they need to edit images, graphics, and videos professionally. The Boxilla KVM Manager makes it simple for IT technicians to manage the entire KVM system from an easy-to-use dashboard interface, ensuring the solution is fully operational at all times.

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