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Private LTE/5G: Does It Deliver for AV Applications?

 Mar 4, 2024   |    Cristine Kimbrel, Sr. Product Strategy Manager, Wireless Solutions, Black Box

The transformational aspects of wireless technology has propelled its widespread adoption in diverse AV applications, spanning business and healthcare communications, to live events and public spaces. An increasingly prominent player in today’s technological landscape is private LTE/5G, positioned as a productivity enhancer capable of seamlessly co-existing with existing wired or Wi-Fi networks, minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations. With noteworthy capabilities and strengths, private LTE/5G stands out as a facilitator of superior AV experiences across various use cases.

When Private LTE/5G Makes Sense

Private LTE/5G offers significant advantages in terms of reliability, security, scalability, and customization. Strategically placed access points, integration of wireless adapters in AV equipment, and network configurations prioritize security and Quality of Service (QoS) and collectively facilitates the efficient management and distribution of AV content. Robust security features, including isolated infrastructure, encryption, and authentication mechanisms, make private LTE/5G particularly well-suited for sensitive sectors such as healthcare, government, and finance.

Moreover, when seamlessly integrated with existing networks, private LTE/5G optimally allocates resources, enhancing overall efficiency while minimizing system strain. Notably, a 5G-enabled private network exhibits the capacity to handle a thousand times more connections than a conventional Wi-Fi network, significantly amplifying the ability to support AV technology and devices across critical functions like facility monitoring, control, communications, and security.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the adoption of private LTE/5G may entail higher installation and operational costs, potential device compatibility limitations, and increased complexity in management and configuration. Additionally , the global rollout of 5G networks is still ongoing, and adoption depends on the availability of infrastructure and network coverage in specific regions.

What’s Next For Private LTE/5G and AV

Looking ahead, private LTE/5G technologies are poised to undergo continuous evolution, promising even greater utility and performance in their pivotal roles within the AV market. Whether businesses seek economical, user-friendly solutions or more tailored , secure, high-performance options to meet their AV requirements, future iterations of wireless technology are expected to deliver.

To explore the private LTE/5G options available for your AV application, we invite you to schedule a call with Black Box. Contact us to learn more.

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