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Customer Service is a Team Sport

 Oct 29, 2018   |    Black Box Corporation

Black Box is Transforming the Customer Experience

Customers today have seemingly endless options and are demanding service on their terms and their time. As Forrester discovered in its Top Customer Service Trends for 2018 report, the number one customer demand is “fast service anytime, anywhere.”

To give you fast, anytime, anywhere service that exceeds your expectations, Black Box is embarking on our own digital transformation. We’re implementing a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform to improve your customer experience no matter what services you use or where you are in the country.

Great customer service is really a team sport involving every aspect of the business. That’s why we’re reinventing customer engagement to make you the center of our team. Just like the quarterback in football calls the plays, so do our valued clients. You tell us what you want to do. It’s up to us to execute successfully and cross the goal line. No matter what our position is, we will be able to seamlessly share information across departments from field service and project management to IT, finance, HR, and every department in between. When our teams share information, processes, and technologies, you get better engagement and faster resolutions.

What Does This Mean for You?

You’ll get a much easier way to do business with us (and us with you). Your transition to the new platform should be transparent with no disruption in service. As we migrate, we will inform you how and when to access the new online portal which will enable you to:

  • Create and track cases
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Review case histories
  • Receive updates on products and services
  • Share documents, files, and photos

What is the New System?
Black Box has chosen to implement a customized ServiceNow system. Named #1 on Forbes Most Innovative Companies List in 2018, ServiceNow is an industry leader and is at the forefront of custom Platform-as-a-Service solutions.

What’s Next?
If you are a Black Box Commercial Services client and have any questions or concerns about this transition, please reach out to your Black Box Team or contact us 1-855-324-9909 or [email protected].

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