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Premium Ethernet Cables


For performance designed to last the lifetime of your cabling system

For performance designed to last the lifetime of your cabling system

For performance designed to last the lifetime of your cabling system, choose Black Box Premium Cables. Our premium copper and fiber cables meet and exceed bandwidth/performance parameters set by industry standards and are 100% factory tested. To ensure consistent and continuing quality of the premium copper range, Black Box participates in independent third-party ETL testing and conducts its own burn programs to ensure strict adherence to fire ratings. Furthermore, the premium fiber range has assured quality with low insertion loss proven by the use of Prysmian glass and single test certificates including test method and EU compliance detail. Therefore – with confidence – we give you a lifetime guarantee on all premium cables.

Black Box offers the widest industry selection of high-performance copper and fiber cabling solutions for structured cabling systems, data centers, industrial environments, multimedia systems, datacomm connections, and more, including custom cables.

Copper Networking  Cables

  • CAT6 UTP (Basic)
  • CAT6 UTP (Snagless)
  • CAT6 S/FTP (Molded)
  • CAT5e UTP (Basic)
  • CAT5e UTP (Snagless)
  • CAT5e UTP (Molded)
  • Slim-Net™ CAT6
  • Slim-Net™ CAT6A
  • Request sample
  • Lockable CAT5e UTP
  • Lockable CAT5e F/UTP 
  • Lockable CAT6 UTP
  • Lockable CAT6 Sc/FTP
  • Lockable CAT6A F/UTP
  • CAT5e Stranded UTP or F/UTP Bulk
  • CAT5e Solid UTP or F/UTP Bulk
  • CAT6 Stranded UTP or S/STP Bulk
  • CAT6 Solid UTP or F/UTP Bulk
  • CAT6A Solid UTP or F/UTP Bulk

Fiber Networking Cables

  • OM1 62.5-Micron
  • OM2 50-Micron
  • OM3 50-Micron
  • OM4 50-Micron
  • OS1/2 9-Micron

  • Colour code network applications
  • Choose from 12 colours
  • Available in 9 lengths from 1.0 to 30.0 m with ST, SC and LC connectors
  • Full compatibility with laser-based and legacy protocol and applications
  • OM1 Coloured
  • OM2 Coloured
  • OM3 Coloured
  • OM4 Coloured
  • OS1/2 Coloured
  • Online Configurator
  • OM1 Ruggedized
  • OM2 Ruggedized
  • OM3 Ruggedized
  • OS1/2 Ruggedized
  • OM1 Bulk
  • OM2 Bulk
  • OM3 Bulk
  • OM4 Bulk
  • OS1/2 Bulk

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